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It’s been four years since the Ushuaïa Collection was first launched, how do you think the brand has evolved? What sort of response has it received?

Its evolution has been very positive and constant. Thanks to the support received from our customers, the shops have become an obligatory “port of call” in Ibiza. They’re not just coming to get hold of an iconic Ushuaïa souvenir that will allow them to relive the experience; they’ve also incorporated many of our pieces in their day-to-day wardrobe in their countries of origin. They come here every year looking for new jackets, sweatshirts, dresses, T-shirts and accessories. They even make a lot of their purchases at the airport, to take home on their return flights. The brand has adapted to trends each year while keeping some of the basic elements of its hallmark. We firmly believe that Ushuaïa Collection has captured the essence of Ibiza and everything that occurs around Ushuaïa.

The idea was to sort of revolutionize Ibiza’s style, do you think the style has changed?

Although in our collections we’ve always created lines that sort of made a nod at the Ad-Lib style, though with our own unique touch, we’ve managed to create a brand that broadens the spectrum of the type of fashion you’ll find in Ibiza, from the party scene to the beach scene to more of a street-wear style. All this in a single place with the best possible atmosphere.

How would you define Ibiza’s style today?

Ibiza’s style is very eclectic. While it maintains that free and un- inhibited hippie vibe, it’s become more sophisticated and richer thanks to all the people visiting us from all over the world, each of whom has their own style and their own way of living their own experience in Ibiza, but with a common denominator, which is the search for freedom and happiness. It is a very recognizable style precisely because of it is so rich and has no rules.

And how would you define the Ushuaïa Collection’s style?

Ibiza is made up of everyone who lives here and everyone who comes looking for the energy of Ibiza every year in order to be reborn and reinvent themselves. That is why the Ushuaïa Collection’s style cannot have a single direction or a single heart; it has to offer a lot of different people the same satisfaction, everyone should find something they can identify with in our collections. We try to make sure each customer can find something that makes them feel as special and unique as their experience on this island.

Our style is fresh, powerful, sexy and fun. Like the campaigns for each collection, which very clearly reflect our style.

How did you manage to leave the idea of simply making it a merchandising brand behind?

The key is to focus on quality first and approach design as a global fashion brand. The spirit of Ushuaia never goes out of style, so a
lot of the garments you take with you will be part of your life for a very long time. That’s why the quality of the materials and design is one of our maxims. On the other hand, we approached the collection with our customers who come from all over the world in mind and, more importantly, we thought about all the pieces that might make up their wardrobes. We haven’t limited ourselves to just T-shirts and the usual, we’ve opened up the collection to all sorts of garments and all sorts of materials. We have consistent lines composed of different looks and materials, whether sophis- ticated or simple there is invariably an immense care taken with the finish and the feel: silks, leathers, denim, Cupro, modal... In our collection, you’ll find everything from the sophistication of a dress to a silk printed caftan or a matching bikini and its acces- sories. All this within a coherent line that is very easy to identify. This is no doubt what has allowed us to become a fashion brand beyond the merchandising.

What is your relationship and history with Ibiza?

The energy of Ibiza has captivated me for over 20 years, ever since the first time I set foot here. I’ve lived, worked and danced here... experiencing the evolution of the island and its people. That’s why it’s always been easy for me to identify what Ibiza means for each and every one of us and respond to that in my designs.

Does the island serve as an inspiration when creating the collection? Where do you find this inspiration? It’s different for day wear vs evening wear.

Ibiza has many facets, and each of them offers a very simple inspiration. The peace of the island’s landscapes, life and in- terior sound, its serene simplicity contrasts with the immense energy that flows in every corner where people come together to dance, touch or simply listen to music. All this makes it a challenge to design a collection that combines all these different Ibizas every year. Day and night are two sides of the same coin, but, fortunately, at Ushuaïa, the two merge in a party that, with the right touch, allows day wear to become the most sophisticated evening look. That is the key to the inspiration behind the Ushuaïa Collection, the concept we’ve developed for Sunset Party.  





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