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by Dan Prince June 2016 USHUAÏA Read in PDF format N9/2016
7 UP The Ushuaïa superstars filling up your week at this summer


Can you remember your worst ever hangover?

Yes – that was last week. Also the week before and thinking about it, the one before too…

What is your drink of choice when partying?

It might sound uncool, but it’s beer! Very German I know. I like vodka shots as well, as long as it’s pure.

What is on your 2016 DJ rider?

Two beers (one for my tour manager) and a towel. Oh, also a cake which says ‘Pump up the volume’, a rubber boat, a 747 (the Iron Maiden one), 15 topless dancers, holy water, 5kg of yellow M&Ms, Nervo to play at my after-party and deadmau5 to un my Twitter during the show (I am not good at it). Just normal stuff that I have seen on
other people’s riders…

The craziest 24 hours you have ever had in Ibiza..?

Every time, baby.

Ushuaïa want to create a cocktail in your honour – hat do we call it?

‘The Robin Schulz Beer Ushuaïa Edition’.

The best hangover cure in the world..?

Have another drink.


Your favourite drink when you go out?

We’ve a lot of good Dutch beers which I’m a fan of, or when the sun’s out I’ll occasionally have a mojito.

A DJ friend who you always get a hangover with?


Your usual DJ rider?

I keep it pretty basic with just some waters, vodka, cola, beers and a bottle of Don Julio 1942 to share a shot with the team. Oh, and some fruit.

An outrageous request you once put on your rider for a joke?

No Brown M&Ms.

The strangest thing you have ever seen a clubber do on the dancefloor?

I still can’t get used to people sucking on babies’ dummies.

The most unusual place you have woken up in after a really heavy night partying?

In my studio.

The club from around the world that really knows how to look after a DJ?

The Ushuaïa Ibiza family is second to none in that department. But generally clubs I’ve played in around the world are always so welcoming.

The best Ibiza 24 hours in Ibiza was…?

DJing at Wesley Sneijder’s house with Craig David takes some beating!

What is the best hangover cure in the world?

Other than not to drink… A big breakfast and water are your only friends once you’ve got a hangover!


What’s your go-to drink after an intense workout? Are there any supplements or protein powders you especially like?

I do CrossFit workouts, high-intensity cardio and core work. There’s a really great supplement called celergen for cellular health. It’s quite expensive but I like anything with the word ‘cell’ in it, as it’s what we’re made of.

If you had to create a shake/juice to reflect your Neon Future show at Ushuaïa this summer, what would the ingredients be and what would you name it?

On my rider, there are a lot of vegetables, green juices and protein powder. Normally, before a show I drink kale juice and maybe at 2am I’ll have some green tea to keep me going. For my Ushuaïa shake, I have a load of healthy greens, fruit, some coffee-based protein powder and coconut water. I’ll probably name it the ‘Ushuaïa Special’.

How do you avoid craving for a drink while partying?

Cutting down on drinking was a conscious decision that I had to make. Alcohol was a major crutch for me. It’s easy for me now to say ‘I don’t drink’ than ‘I’m not drinking tonight’.

What has been the biggest health benefit of being teetotal for you?

For me, is seeing how being disciplined affects my body. I’ve changed my attitude towards my diet; I now avoid sugar and red meat and stick with fish and vegetables. I’ve also started meditation, which helps me to realign my mind and body. It allows me to have time for myself during my hectic lifestyle.

Tell us about the Aoki Bootcamp – will you be bringing it to Ibiza this summer?

The basic premise of the Aoki Bootcamp is to set challenges as a group with monetary bets to back them up. The money is a penalty rather than a reward. Normally, it’s about $100 if you fail a challenge. For example, if I challenge you to work out every day for a week and you miss two days, you pay $200 and the money all goes to charity.
As for Ibiza, why not?


What are the essentials on your DJ rider?

Grey Goose and Don Julio 1942. Mainstage Mark kind of has a thing for Swedish women, so for whatever reason, Swedish fish are also a part of my rider.

A DJ friend who you know will be trouble when going out for a ‘quiet drink’ with?

The Nervo girls. Dinner and a couple drinks with them can quickly turn into watching the sun come up. There’s also no such thing as a ‘quiet drink’ with Martin Garrix. Beware.

The last time you had an almighty hangover?

The moning after David Grutman’s wedding in Miami. 

Your craziest time in Ibiza?

There have been a few. Most memorable would probably be a couple of years back, hanging out at the Boiler Room hosted house party at Casa de Cirque with Erick Morillo and crew. That was surely one of the best house parties I’ve ever been to. Another would be bouncing from club to club with friends until the wee hours of the morning, then riding ATVs from our villa down to the water for breakfast at Cappuccino at around 8am, and then boating to Formentera for the day immediately after. Good times.

Ushuaïa would love to create a cocktail in your honour – what shall we call it?

A triple shot of Grey Goose, with three large ice cubes and one lime. Call it ‘The Gordo’.

What makes Ushuaïa such a great venue to play at?

As a DJ, there’s no other stage in Ibiza as validating. If you’re playing at Ushuaïa you’ve obviously been doing something right. Your hard work has paid off; that in itself already has you feeling good up until taking the stage. There’s also always a really good energy in the crowd. Everyone is in good spirits and really only there to have a good time and enjoy the music. Elisa also makes Ushuaïa a great venue to play at.


Your funniest DJing-whiledrunk story?

Who says I’m ever drunk? I actually don’t really drink when I’m performing. But when I go out for friends and get drunk, 90% of the time I end up DJing somewhere in a local bar.

A DJ friend who you always get a hangover with?

Haha, there are a few…Tïesto is always ready to party, as is Arty!

You usual DJ rider?

As long as there’s some water, a few towels and something to snack on I’m happy.

An outrageous request you once put on your rider for a joke?

I have actually never done that. Maybe I’ve asked for some fresh boxer shorts at the end of a tour though?

The strangest thing you have ever seen a clubber do on a dancefloor?

I’m not sure if it’s the strangest thing but it definitely feels strange and also really special: when people see me and they start crying. It’s something I just can’t get used to. I feel so blessed having these amazing fans!

The best Ibiza 24 hours in Ibiza was…?

Last year when I kicked off my first ‘Multiply’ night at Ushuaïa, surrounded by loads of fans, family and friends. That definitely was a special one, my best ever 24 hours in Ibiza.

What is the best hangover cure in the world?

Pizza and sleep are my personal miracle hangover cures.


Can you remember your first-ever hangover?

Oh yes. The first time I got really drunk was on Screwdrivers. Still to this day I can’t drink orange juice without remembering that terrible day after.

When you are DJing, what drinks do you always make sure is on your rider?

Gin and tonic, Dom Pérignon and one beer for after the show. I used to have massive amounts of stuff on my rider, but I’d rather have a few great things. DJing can be emotionally very exhausting, so I have a postset ritual where I drink one beer. It’s the perfect way to wind down after all the excitement.

A DJ friend you love to party with?

Too many cool DJs to mention, but Joris Voorn and I always have such a fun time.

Your favourite spot for a sunset drink in Ibiza?

I’ve got a new favorite spot, but it’s my secret. But I think Cala Conta is probably the most beautiful sunset, especially for the full moon. There is nothing like swimming under the moon.

The best ever 24 hours partying in Ibiza?

Ha ha. I’ve had some crazy ones on the island. I guess the most funny moment was in 2005 when I woke up in my villa and my manager had decided to bring some people back for an afterparty. He had told them to be quiet, since I was sleeping. I woke up and went to get some water and my garden was full of very famous rappers and DJs. I’m
not going to drop names, but it was really nuts. Things happen on the island that could never happen anywhere else.

The best hangover cure in the world – apart from not drinking?

Nothing cures a hangover like a kick drum.


Your favourite drink when you go out?

Champagne is the only drink that gives you that little edge that’s nice to have when playing – it doesn’t get you really drunk quickly, which is good.

A DJ friend who you always get a hangover with?

I don’t get hangovers much these days – maybe I’m more used to it or I don’t drink that much. Andhim are always lovely guys to have a few drinks with though!

The strangest thing you have ever seen a drunk clubber do on the dancefloor?

In Liverpool where I saw a guy trying to balance while dancing on a fence in front of the stage. He managed for a few minutes but inevitably fell over onto the stage and started breakdancing while lying on his back. He was carried out by security. I caught the whole thing on video and still can’t believe it when I see it. 

The most unusual place you have woken up after a really heavy night partying?

I usually make it to my bed, but very often I have no idea where I actually am when I wake up.

The club that really knows how to look after a DJ?


The best Ibiza 24 hours in Ibiza was…?

The Cocoon after-parties usually guarantee you an excellent 24-hour Ibiza experience.

What is the best hangover cure in the world?

Lots and lots of water. And maybe after a while, a very strong Bloody Mary.





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