The eternal rider

by Carlos Risco September 2017 SPECIAL FEATURES Read in PDF format N16/2017

Born in Zamora, he grew up in the Humble Vallecas, conquered the World from Barcelona and found In Ibiza the quiet refuge Out of the speed of the circuits. Ángel Nieto conquered in Life fame and unanimous respect Of a hobby that discovered the Sport with the wake of their victories. Maybe because Angel Nieto Has always been eternal. At 15 Years, that humble boy Emigrated to Barcelona guided by an anachronistic passion in that Spain black and white, motorbikes. He did not stop until he got To realize that dream and, despite the lack of resources, He managed to participate in official competitions and work In Barcelona at the Derbi motorcycle factory. There they left His first machine and, in 1968, he would get his first two Grand Prix. With 12 + 1 world titles, as he liked To the champion to describe his own record, before his magic Vertiginosa flooded the tracks of the world, Angel Nieto Became a living legend victory after victory. Your expertise and Courage as a pilot were complemented by his humility and Closeness to the public, becoming a champion dear By fans and profane to the universe of motorcycles. Commentator Sport for television after his retirement, found in Ibiza A new place in the world, where he became a character Loved by all The unfortunate quad crash that ended With his life on August 3, 2017 he has done nothing more than convert His figure in legendary forever. The dolphins of Es Vedrá They came out to greet him as they spread their ashes along the coast and The island and the world cry your memory

 “My father was very affectionate, he was always smiling and always had a kind word for everyone, that’s why so many people liked and admired him.”  Gelete Nieto

  “We’ve been friends for over 30 years. He was a champion in ever sense, but, above all, he always stood out for being a gentleman and a good man.” Abel Matutes Juan

  “Losing Ángel Nieto has left a great vaccuum among his friends and family because he was an incredibly lively, happy man with a great sense of humor and a wonderful personality. Few people have managed to make such a huge impact on both friends and acquaintances in such a subtle, open and friendly way. Ángel was happiness personified in any event, party or soirée thanks to his charisma, personality and special sense of humor, which made everyone feel close to him. A champion of life, friendship, joy and 12 +1 world champion.” Juan Suárez

Mi amigo Ángel

by Fonsi Nieto

 More than an uncle, Ángel has been a second father to me, a best friend and an inspiration, not only on the circuit, but also outside it. He taught me to be a good person, instilling in me values that have influenced my approach to life and taught me to respect the sport. Ángel was not only an example when it came to motorcycles, but also in all other aspects, simplicity and accessibility were a way of life for him. Above all, Ángel taught me that we depend on people’s affection – he never made a rude gesture or denied fans a photograph. Even though he was 70, he was always on the go: he’d attend tributes, events related to the world of motorcycles and sports. This is something he has inculcated in me, and it has made me and my cousins the people we are today. Growing up and becoming a mature adult having been educated in the values of sports is the best thing anyone can pass down to someone else. That and also the love for this country, for Spain and for Ibiza. For me, Ángel Nieto was not just my uncle, but my friend, a person who was graced with a gift. I have felt this with my son Lucas, who at the age of five has expressed a particular admiration for Ángel, even though, because of his young age, he did not get to know Ángel all that well. Similarly, this farewell has been very moving, with the civil guard standing at attention throughout the motorcade’s route, from the hospital to the church, and a group of huge Hell’s Angels with tattoos crying and asking for permission to see him at the funeral parlor... All of this in an event held near Ibiza’s greatest discotheques, in the company of the king and queen of Spain. This is something that only he could achieve. The last time I saw Ángel, we dined at Las Dos Lunas and then we went out for a drink. I was not there as a family member, but as a friend. I was his nephew, but I have also been his friend. He introduced me to his circle of friends, and this is something that fills me with pride. The moment we brought his ashes to Es Vedrá was very touching. Suddenly, dozens of dolphins came up, playing in the water as if they were performing a choreography. We knew that he was present, and that this was his gift to us. He was a very special person. If I had to play a song for him, it would have to a rock song by the Stones. He said that he wanted to be a great rock star, and I believe he came to be one. He was a great sportsman. This three-day farewell has been very difficult, but our pride in him is much greater than the pain. Although he is not with us, his energy remains.

My friendship with Ángel Nieto dates back to the early eighties, when we were introduced by a mutual friend in Ibiza. We have shared a lot of moments since then, so many that it’s hard to choose one that stands out. We’ve had a lot of adventures, traveling and sharing our passion for motorcycle racing, and, of course, I’ve always been his diehard fan throughout his carreer. I still recall some of the trips we took while touring through various parts of Europe where they organized motorcycle races. On one ocassion, we took a small plane directly from Ibiza to the island of Sardinia, which we circumnavigated in a boat before continuing to Corsica and landing in Ventemilia, where Ángel competed in the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello. On my 70th birthday, I had the great fortune of receiving one of the helmets he had worn in many of the races he won as a gift, it was quite a privilege. Anyone who has ever met Ángel knows what a great person he was, so full of life and so positive. He was also admirable for his willingness to help others. My dear, dear friend, an excellent life companion, with whom I have shared many great moments. We’re missing an angel on earth, our Ángel Nieto has gone to heaven. I will always miss you, my friend.  Ricardo Urgell







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