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FIVE SENSES - SMELL At ÏU MAG we want you to enjoy your time on the White Isle to the fullest and experience everything this amazing island has to offer. Over the next twenty five pages we bring you an explosion of your senses taking you around Ibiza where you can touch, taste, see, hear and smell a wide array of people, places and products guaranteed to give you a total sensory overload…



The scents of personality.

“The nose is educated through curiosity and entertainment,” affirms sommelier Goran Krstanovic. “You need to realize that every aroma we find in a wine has to do with the type of grape used, but also with the place where it is grown and the way it is produced, and how long it was allowed to age.” This is something that, as he points out, one learns “with a lot of dedication, time and love of wine.” The expert recommends starting with easy wines and simple aromas, “because the neophyte’s palate is not yet capable of recognizing the aromas and tastes that a trained palate distinguishes.” That is why it’s a good idea not to bother with the strange terminology and not to start with very complex wines, but rather “to gradually open the palate and expand your curiosity in order to begin to taste all the very different aromas you might find.” The wine is a product that takes a lot of love and dedication on the part of the winegrowers and the wineries. To be able to savor it to the fullest, Krstanovic, who at Vinumibiza offer high quality wines from small national and international winegrowers, points out that “it is very important to have the right glass, since it greatly changes the aroma and the perception of the wine, as well as the temperature of service”. Because pleasure is also educated.

Vinumibiza has a very ample selection of wines with an emphasis on varieties that are full of character, diverse and biodynamic, great champagnes and sparkling wines hitherto unfamiliar in Ibiza’s market. Wineries that have yet to find a representative on the island but have enjoyed great success elsewhere. They also sell some of the greatest, most excellent names in international viticulture

Multisensory gastronomy


A culinary performance.

Sublimotion, the world’s first ever gastronomic performance experience, based at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, is launching its new season with a combination of cutting-edge technology and the work of a magnificent team of Spanish professionals and artists, all leaders in gastronomy, drama, music, art, design, technology, magic, illustration, neuroscience… For the new season, Chef Paco Roncero has created a kitchen team that features his great friends, chefs Dani Garcia, Diego Guerrero, Toño Perez and pastry chef Paco Torreblanca. Together, the team has eight Michelin stars to their names and each one has poured all their gastronomic talent into the new Sublimotion 2017 experience. The soundtrack to Sublimotion 2017 has been created by Alfonso González Aguilar, a soundtrack composer with a prestigious career in Los Angeles. Alfonso has designed a musical strategy that will heighten the sensations that this haute-cuisine experience awakens in diners. Sensations that have been tested using neuroscientific methods. Equally priceless are the contributions made to this year’s project by Jorge Blass, Spain’s most international and innovative illusionist, who has brought his magic to this gastronomic spectacle by contributing his knowledge and experience to spellbind and delight an audience ready and willing to allow all their senses to be totally captivated.

With Sublimotion, the chef Paco Roncero has created a new concept of haute cuisine. It is the world’s first gastronomic performance located in the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza which this new season combines the most state-of-the-art technology, with the teamwork of great professionals and artists from Spain, leaders in gastronomy, mise-en-scène, music, art, design, technology, illusion, illustration or neuroscience. 



The Amar Ibiza family’s new addition La Imprenta is an impressive French-Spanish affair that will please the fussiest of culinary connoisseurs looking for that special little something as a dining experience this summer. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and will have you feeling that you have stepped back in time to a French private members club. With its distinctive opulent black, gold glossy furniture and soft, smooth inviting velvet sofas and armchairs, you are a world away from the hustle of Ibiza town outside Located in what was once the Diario de Ibiza newspaper building – La Imprenta has a spectacular menu featuring a wonderful selection of both French and Spanish cuisine – you can’t help but be engulfed in the beautiful aromas of the golden saffron, the fresh garlic, beautiful seafood and wonderful wagyu beef…it is food heaven. Nothing here is twisted or deconstructed – the fine ingredients are enough to impress and classic flavours and wonderful scents of the classics such as Black Rice with seafood or a Poulet Payes chicken White Truffle Tartare or a cheeky crayfish is a sensational culinary can can at this Grand Café. And it is nice to see they have respected the history of their home by serving some of the delightful dishes in old newspaper. The dessert will have you wanting to scream in delight – hot chocolate tart with Chantilly Cream, White Chocolate soufflé or a selection of the best cheese from the Isla or our French friends will top off your journey through a culinary new heaven in town. One thing is for sure, La Imprenta will be making all the headlines in Ibiza this year.

Wholesome hedonism in nature’s own


Nestled in the honey-hued fields and aromatic pine forests of Ibiza’s pastoral heartland sits La Granja, an enclave of pared-down relaxation and rural simplicity offering a luxurious hideaway with private-retreat vibes. Whilst the neighbouring disco towns are only minutes away, you couldn’t be further away from the feel of a dancefloor as you wander through God’s creation breathing in the beauty around this 16th century farmhouse. The main finca dates back to the 18th century and is marked by classical Iberian architecture with rooms dominated by dark beamed ceilings, materials of burnt wood, brushed and oiled ash, stone and slate…all complimented by sprigs of lavender and natural beauty products ensuring a perfect sanctuary of solitude. La Granja was launched by Design Hotels in collaboration with Friends Of Farmer ensuring meals in the communal kitchen are just a delight. Everything is fresh, delicious and made to order on site for it’s creative-class members who descend to this Buscastell hamlet from all around the world. Drinks can be taken sitting around the bar built around the twisted trunk of a carob tree with long lazy views of the Mediterranean in the distance whilst Coco the pig provides the raw materials for Andy the farmer’s compost tea. Everything here is carried out with a gentle pace of life enabling you all the time in the world to unwind and devour one of the most stunning havens imaginable. Here, among the heady scents of ficus and figs, is the real Ibiza. The one untouched by time and tourism. The one where when people tell you this is what Ibiza used to be like, you truly believe them…



If you feel like escaping from the madding crowds head to the island’s campo and Agroturismo Atzaró - an oasis bathed in sunlight where the intoxicating aromas of orange blossom, rosemary and lavender deliver an exquisite assault to the senses. As you enter the 300 year-old grounds you will notice bougainvillaea luxuriously cascading over the main reception creating a dreamy picture of quintessential Mediterranean beauty. Down by the pool and hidden by foliage you will discover the kitchen gardens abundant with vegetables, fruit, aromatic herbs and edible flowers…a bountiful array of seasonal organic produce servicing the La Veranda restaurant. Set under an exquisite white pergola you almost feel part of a fairy tale wedding with that feeling of love reflected on the menu. Never mind food kilometres here as the produce travels just metres from the soil onto your plate as Atzaró quickly recognised field to fork as a global concept that continues to grow in momentum and popularity. The essence of the menu is Mediterranean with Ibicenco touches with particular attention to provenance – chicken is local and free range, octopus and red prawn caught in the surrounding sea and burratina fresh from the farm. Simplicity on a plate and delicious. Atzaró manages to capture the true essence of Ibiza – a perfect place to unwind in style and stimulate all of your senses at the same time…





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