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FIVE SENSES - TOUCH At ÏU MAG we want you to enjoy your time on the White Isle to the fullest and experience everything this amazing island has to offer. Over the next twenty five pages we bring you an explosion of your senses taking you around Ibiza where you can touch, taste, see, hear and smell a wide array of people, places and products guaranteed to give you a total sensory overload…



We spend our lives hunched over our desks, in the kitchen and the lucky ones...a pair of decks. Lest we forget the importance of good posture and as a result activate something called adrenal ‘fight/flight’ response causing a cascade of stimulatory hormones in the sympathetic nervous system. You can’t blame a bad pillow either, this feeling of anxiety, stress and tension in the muscles is all down to us loving, working and playing on a variety of devices. Acupuncture helps stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system – our ‘rest and digest’ response which means it helps to ‘un-do’ all of the stress responses in the body. Meet Katherine Berry – Ibiza’s own psychomechanical technician who in her bulldozer style will ensure that your body is relived of this restrictive feeling of tension and stress through a unique combination of Acupuncture, Cupping and Massage. There is nothing but positive outcomes of acupuncture – stress relief, a natural pain killer and relaxation to help you get on with your day. Cupping is designed to promote blood and lymph circulations and works like a massage but with a pulling technique rather than pushing. Unlike massage though, cupping has an additional benefit of drawing toxins to the surface where they can be expelled via the skin. No doubt relevant for quite a few of us during summer in Ibiza. 

Push your limits


Corpore sano.

Touch the ground, feel your body vibrating, grab life with both hands. Physical training is a means of perceiving reality through the skin. Through this perceived effort, you can attain wellness and reach your goal. With over 5,000 square meters of facilities, an amazing team of more than 50 sports professionals, and a great passion, Bfit is Ibiza’s largest sports and fitness center. A place that cater to members’ health and wellness needs, as they endeavor to improve their lives with their daily efforts. Its objective is to create an environment of fitness, sports and enjoyment so that users can achieve their objectives. To this end, Bfit’s philosophy of life revolves around fun; its instructor-led classes are driven by creativity and enthusiasm. A place where each of you can find the necessary motivation to achieve the best version of yourself. Its theme classes and exclusive events are well known on the island. In them, music and sports come together to provide you with an unforgettable experience. The gym is equipped with the latest technology and provides users with the BFIT app, which they can use to monitor their training sessions and update daily. The team of technical instructors will design a customized training plan just for you, based on your specific objectives and fitness goals so that you can get on the path to achieving your goals right from day one. 

Bfit Ibiza is the island’s largest sports and fitness centre. Its facilities include fitness rooms for cardio training, weight training and personal training (Btrain), as well as studios for cycling and functional training. It also has a Pilates room and a “back school”, and a spa featuring a Turkish bath, sauna and sensations shower and pool. In addition, Bfit has a beauty and physiotherapy centre, cafeteria and padel courts. 



The erotic caress.

They say that touch is one of the sense that is most contaminated by memory and that, when we touch our skin with our hands, caress each other or get a massage, we are showing love and awakening the sexual appetite lying dormant in the instinct’s memory. Today, the erotic value of touch is reclaimed by erotic shops that appeal to the body’s fantasies and its capacity to stimulate and be stimulated through the senses. The skin is the body’s largest and most sensitive amatory organ, it is flexible and exciting. That is why erotic boutiques such as Senses Ibiza appeal to erotic touch with water or silicone based lubricants that make it easier for the body to glide, some even enhance orgasm with ingredients such as guarana or caffeine. They also have massage oil, foam and edible body paints; a feast for all the senses and a new world of creativity. From edible massage creams, feathers and erotic toys to unblock your creativity to whips, riding corps, feathers, nipple clamps, belts and collars, masks... A whole world of pleasure through the sense of touch, because the way to discover eroticism is through fantasy and imagination.

Opened two years ago on Calle Extremadura, in Dalt Vila, Senses Ibiza is a new world where you can rediscover sex and reinvent eroticism. We have everything from sensual lingerie to erotic boardgames and even masks and visors that play with light and shadow, or perfumes with pheromones, massage candles and body powders. A universe of new ideas to rediscover eroticism through the senses.

Like nowhere else in Ibiza


Nestled on the picturesque bay of Talamanca beach and with stunning views of the turquoise Mediterranean, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is the island’s most anticipated new luxury destination this summer. Inside you will the Ibiza Bay Spa by Six Senses Spas, a sanctuary so tranquil and therapeutic it will take your mind off anything that is contaminating your inner peace, whisking you away on a relaxing and rejuvenating journey leaving a feeling of total zen. Celebrate your inner and outer beauty and experience a new level of calm accompanied by the soothing sounds and sights of the rippling waves of the sea. The spa presents restorative massages, result driven facials and luscious detoxifying body treatments that will stimulate, re-energise and invigorate your mind and body using the gorgeous natural ingredients of the Subtle Energies product range. Also available of course will be manicures and pedicures and a stunning hair salon by celebrity hairdresser John Frieda. Should you feel too broken to move – they send the spa to you. Treatments can be enjoyed on the beautiful beach cabanas and we recommend Kiatsu, Legs, Feet Restore and Bamboo Massage, everything is designed to work around you and your day. Close your eyes, drift away and let the magic begin in the healing hands of your therapist, that will have you glowing and feeling serene and providing you with total escapism from the outside world. An extensive menu of top to toe restoration recipes, together with the opportunity to join in on a rooftop sunrise yoga session will have your body bursting with gratitude. Emerging reincarnated from the spa you can then enjoy the juice bar and gluten free bakery Celicioso for a pit stop. Must haves include the Acai Smoothie Bowl or the Detoxifier shot of lemon ginger and paprika. You are then to take on whatever adventure the island wants to throw at you! Sun, sea, style and serenity at the Ibiza Bay Spa – welcome to your new all relaxation destination…

Your body is broken, your mind a tangle of Ibiza beats and all you want to do is lie down in the sunshine and drift off into a blissful sleep. You reach the beach and are confronted by a mass of bodies, laughter and music everywhere but it doesn’t matter as you have a date with destiny, an appointment with a piece of luxury that will repair your aching limbs and restore your inner calm. Welcome to the most comfortable beach club collection in the world designed especially for the coolest resorts on the planet offering total peace and harmony for even the most hardened party goer. Gone are the days of trying to recharge your batteries or look cool on beds more suited to jail cells, now you can recline and relax in style without a care in the world. Check them out at Tanit, Nassau, Beach House and Ocean Beach in Ibiza and Chezz Gerdi and El Moli de Sal in Formentera. And slip away from the chaos…

Marco by Magniflex.

Magniflex is one of the biggest mattress manufacturers in the world distributing to more than 95 countries and over 4000 retailers. 10,000 mattresses are made every day from their Italian base with 100 different models provided to help peaceful sleep. The idea behind Marco was to create a real mattress for the beach; H22, double comfort with internal materials supporting the spine, holes on the layer inside to allow airflow and an eco leather cover which is removable. It’s a different way to chill at the seaside. 





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