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FIVE SENSES - SOUND At ÏU MAG we want you to enjoy your time on the White Isle to the fullest and experience everything this amazing island has to offer. Over the next twenty five pages we bring you an explosion of your senses taking you around Ibiza where you can touch, taste, see, hear and smell a wide array of people, places and products guaranteed to give you a total sensory overload…



There are certain sounds synonymous with clubbing in Ibiza. The blast of the planes flying overhead at DC-10, the roar of the ice cannons at Amnesia, the click of the Pacha girls heels as they head home after another long night flouncing. And then there is the sound of Ushuaia. That big bassy boom that you can hear from way down the strip as you approach the world famous beach club knowing you are only moments away from entering Ibiza’s biggest cauldron of music. It was 2008 when the first Ushuaia beach parties began, who knows what Yann Pissenem had in mind for this part of Playa d’en Bossa when he invited Sasha and Luciano to come down and spin? Three years later the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel was born thanks to the fusion and synchronicity between the best beach club in the world and the Palladium Hotel Group. And Ibiza was never the same again. Today the venue is responsible for the best weekly line ups on the planet. Day after day the Ushuaïa machine produce mouthwatering line ups that see day turn into night as the biggest stage on the White Isle goes into overdrive - with every party feeling like a festival. Walking into this playground of fun you are immediately hit by the energy of the crowd bathed in the Balearic sunshine as madness ensues all around. Musically it’s faultless – from trance to house, from hip hop to techno…the beats are all here courtesy of the likes of David Guetta, Tinie Tempah, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Kygo, Andrea Oliva, Nervo and DJ Snake. It may not be the sound of the underground, but boy is it the sound of the summer.

Undoubtedly the pioneer of wristwatches, Rolex is one of those classic brands that just oozes good taste. Not too much fuss, not too much bling, simply a timepiece that is world famous for its reliability and elegance. Crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail, every component is designed and produced in house to the most exacting standards. Many think of a Rolex as an investment, this piece of Swiss engineering will last you a lifetime, retaining or gaining in value and probably become a family heirloom. Now you are able to embark on a unique and special retail moment here in Ibiza in the new Rabat Jewellery store as part of the Montesol hotel to enjoy the luxurious and prestige product. The brand that defines class is a perfect newcomer on the all new Vara de Rey this summer.


The store is design in a range of browns, golds and green colours, the materials are delicate soft leather and wooden floors… all set in a classy marine environment.



Stepping into the splendour of this elegant countryside setting you can’t help but think what a far cry this natural paradise is compared to the bustling millionaires playground of Cala Jondal in the south. But that’s where for 35 years the Roig family ran their hugely successful Yemanjá restaurant before selling to the current owners. Today, cocooned by nature and looking out onto the wide open fields of St Gertrudis, son and daughters Sergio, Javier and Marina bring their family values and gastronomic expertise to this idyllic farmhouse setting in the heart of Ibiza where lunch and dinner can be enjoyed in total and utter tranquillity. Describing Es Jardins as a dining labyrinth would not be far from the truth as there are so many locations to feast on here. This ever expanding myriad of terraces and rooms feature six different areas to enjoy the mouth watering Mediterranean menu full of Ibizan specialties all made with locally sourced produce. For those lucky enough to live on the island in the winter, the wonderful La Casita farmhouse has been lovingly restored exposing ancient stonework, a stunning fireplace, high ceilings and an abundance of character which is perfect for those long lazy afternoons or cozy evenings on the White Isle. For an island dominated by billboards advertising swanky establishments many owned by foreign businesses, it is such a breath of fresh air to encounter restaurants like Es Jardins and it’s friendly local owners - here you will find amazing delicious food set in peaceful surroundings in the company of a family who just love what they are doing. Now, isn’t that what life is all about…? 

Put the needle on the record when the song beats go like this…


Ask any enthusiast about their love of vinyl and watch the feverish glow spread over their eyes. “It begins with running your fingernails down the cellophane and sliding the virgin plastic out of it’s inner sleeve and onto your turntable” sighs Tony Prince, the DJ responsible for playing the first ever Beatles record on Radio Luxembourg in the 60s. “Then a loving gaze takes over your face as the vinyl begins to spin and you wait with bated breath for that signature ‘crackle’ and the sound of warm, mahogany-rich music taking over your universe.” But it was not so long ago though that the writing was on the wall for vinyl as digital sales took over with people happy enough keeping their entire music collection floating about in cyberspace. This year however sales of vinyl have soared reaching a 25 year high. Here in Ibiza Sven Vath is a huge champion of vinyl alongside the likes of Carl Cox, Nightmares on Wax, DJ Harvey and Seth Troxler. Juan Tur, owner of Discos Delta Records first opened his doors back in 1966 and has seen every superstar DJ on the planet come through his doors in search of tunes. “There is nothing quite like the sound of vinyl on a great sound system, nothing can ever beat it.” So why now? Well for starters it sounds better. Vinyl is what’s called a lossless format where nothing has been lost when pressing a record – basically it sounds as good as the producer or band intended. And secondly it’s tangible – people love having it in the hands - touching, smelling, anticipating the sound. Make no mistake, vinyl is here to stay. It’s as good as it gets. 

On the crest of a wave


When we think of the sounds of the sea, we immediately associate it with happy summer days, freedom, serenity and life. In Ibiza we are lucky with over 200km of coastline made up of fine sandy beaches, rocks and cliffs...the perfect playground for Charlie Fox Ibiza to take you on the thrill of your life. That accelerating vibration of thrust, the surge forward as two 1550 horsepower engines pierce through the sea, water spraying up into the blue sky, leaving the distinctive smell of salt hanging in the air. The sound of the hull cutting through the waves as the crystal clear turquoise waters of Formentera sparkle on the horizon. A sensation that only a sleek and silky yacht can provide. Charlie Fox Ibiza has a smart and polished fleet of four boats, from 40 to 72 feet. Three recent of Sunseekers and one powerful Mangusta. What makes the Charlie Fox Ibiza experience unique, is the bespoke and personal attention to detail and service. An expert on board mixologist will prepare a refreshing cocktail to order before anchoring for lunch or dinner at any one of the island’s famed coast restaurants, where the smell of fresh fish wafts through the air. Every experience is customizable to the client’s personal indulgence. Private chefs, VIP transfers, Jet Skis, Sea Bobs, every small detail can be arranged by Carlos and Martin. Charters can be arranged for any length of time as there are no restrictions on departure or arrival times, everything is at the client’s discretion so relax, unwind and enjoy the sounds of the sea in pampered, luxury surroundings.





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