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FIVE SENSES - SIGHT At ÏU MAG we want you to enjoy your time on the White Isle to the fullest and experience everything this amazing island has to offer. Over the next twenty five pages we bring you an explosion of your senses taking you around Ibiza where you can touch, taste, see, hear and smell a wide array of people, places and products guaranteed to give you a total sensory overload…



“Then she lay on her back and gazed at the cloudless sky…” EM Forster’s classic novel A Room With A View may have the beauty and history of Florence - but he would have found it difficult to describe the stunning spectacle from OD Talamanca’s finest suites. As you step outside from the air conditioned bliss of your very own two story residence, your heart skips a beat at the landscape stretching out in front of you. Million euro yachts float gently in the turquoise waters, Marina Botafoch’s twinkly restaurant lights entice you their way whilst the historic splendor of Dalt Vila sits majestically on the Ibiza horizon. Slipping into your private pool and sipping on a drink from the nearbye Maxi Bar, there can be few finer surroundings like this on the White Isle. Boutique Hotel OD Talamanca first opened its doors in 2016 and owes its beauty and style to the architectural studio of Barcelona’s Victor Rahola and interiors expert Mayte Matutes. A Mediterranean blue theme runs throughout with modern furnishings including Arne Jacobsen style chairs and statement headboards evoking a Scandinavian spirit. The premium rooms have wondrous sea views and balconies whilst the showers have nifty window panels overlooking the ocean. Residents of the two 150m2 Duplex Suites can choose from two bedrooms and enjoy their own kitchen - and if you can be dragged away from the luxury of the penthouse, you even have your own Smart ForTwo car to whizz around the island exploring. Like everything at OD Talamanca, they have it all ready and waiting…



A blue horizon. With every stroke, the horizon merges with the sea, projecting the pool into the ocean, producing the sensation of an eternal expanse of blue. The pool’s vanishing point is magnified and expands into infinity, turning your dip in the pool into a plunge into immensity. This contemplation is multiplied by three shades of blue (pool, sky, sea), where every day that goes by is a privilege. This villa’s majestic architecture, with its stylized lines and canvas on the walls in luminous white, is magnified in its infinity pool, which turns any view point into magic at any time of day. This exclusive property for sale, Villa Miracle, covering 550 m2 and built in 2016, meets the highest standards. Thanks to its south-facing layout, the entire property is flooded with sunlight throughout the day, and all the rooms have a splendid view of the sea through large picture windows. Each of the four minimalist bedrooms features a modern en-suite bathroom with a shower. An experience of discrete dominance over the island and its blue sea. 

Estela Exclusive Homes | Christie’s International Real Estate has been operating in the real estate market in Ibiza and Madrid for over 20 years. Its success is based on an understanding of each client’s profile and specific needs, as well as its seriousness, discretion and excellent knowledge of the luxury market in Ibiza. 




A watchtower to look over Ibiza.

Phoenicians settled in the watchtower in Dalt Vila, a hill in a privileged location overlooking the bay of the town of Ibiza and the port. A renowned area, famous for its spectacular vistas and historical heritage enclosed by the walls that have been preserved since the 16th century and which today stand as a symbol of Renaissance architecture. From that privileged location the views of the town and the sea are unbeatable. It is in this historical palace of the old citadel that the Mirador Hotel is nestled; its enchanting views merge to perfection with the subtle balance between our traditional past and the modern day. The Mirador Hotel in Dalt Vila dominates the island providing its guests with a luxurious watchtower, in an exclusive surrounding like no other. The concept of the hotel is based on providing the most discerning of clients with a memorable stay whilst looking after their every need. All these services are to be found in a palace which has preserved its historical values, home to numerous works of art and antique furniture, creating a perfect symbiosis with the environment and the historical walls and a carefully selected decoration, reminiscent of Dalt Vila’s past.

The Mirador Hotel is a noble palace dating back to 1905 and offering breathtakingly unique views of Ibiza. Its 12 exclusive rooms are decorated with a wealth of details, most notable of which are the seven marble varieties, green onyx and semiprecious stones used in the interior design. The hotel boasts a restaurant specialized in Mediterranean signature cuisine, a wine cellar and a cocktail bar.

The beauty of Ibiza on a plate


The rustic beach of S’Estanyol is the home to the fabulous Cala Bonita, the oh so popular restaurant that is so proud to be all about respecting our island and its produce. “For the love of the island” is the motto behind this beachside gem that now also has a new concept –Tapas Bonita. Centred around a brand new eating area away from the main restaurant, it makes for the perfect opportunity for a group of friends to have the opportunity to savour chargrilled octopus, local Ibicenco tomatoes or fillet of Ibicenco pork accompanied by beautiful sidekicks such as truffle mayonnaise or black garlic aioli. It’s like you are having your own little dinner party on the beach, what a wonderful idea. The whole vibe about Cala Bonita is about relaxing, transporting you back to the Ibiza of the 60’s and 70’s and about serving people who appreciate good, honest and seasonal food. It is also a great meeting point for the cocktail connoisseur with the delicious concoctions blended by their mixologist Radek using Ibiza produce such as Hierbas, Fennel and Anise.This place is not a place of loud music, parties and late nights – it is a place to sit and eat good honest food, a place to relax, an excellent breakfast or lunch experience accompanied by a great view and soothing sounds of the waves. Cala Bonita - what’s not to love?

It’s showtime


With a decidedly French flavour to the digital wizardry of High Scream – the company behind the dazzling design and special effects at 14 shows for Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza each week, Romain Pissemen takes it all in his Gallic stride. From concept to design and all that is in between, Romain is responsible for delivering the incredible shows that thrill thousands of people all summer. Its Tuesday and as the finishing touches are being made to the out of this world production for Eric Prydz Opening in Hï, after months of collaborating with the incredible Prydz team. When the summer season ends in October, Romain and his team sit down and come up with the fresh new ideas and concepts for the following year. The company moves to London where it more effectively liaises with the conceptual artists, designers and DJs that help conjure the magic onto the Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza stages. Over the next four months the team will decide on all the elements that go into each show including light, design, video content, costumes, choreography, acrobatics and the technical aspects and construction of each set. A simple philosophy that Romain utilises is to work with the very best people in their field of expertise. In March, the props go into production in Paris and inspiration is taken from an international perspective so that all of the 14 weekly shows can be born in Ibiza. Each production is more than unique to the island, it is unlike anything else in the World. It takes a team of over 100 people on the ground, working seven days a week for 4 months, to raise the curtains each night on the logistical theatre that is Hï and Ushuaïa. As the last clubber departs Ushuaïa, a crew begins work at 1am to take down the stage and its props and have the next show set up and ready to go by 7am. Over at Hï the same process starts at 8am and finishes at 7pm. It’s a massive task of work and organisation that is delivered with aplomb by an industrious team with a Balearic spring in their step. Its visionary style has placed Ibiza at the vanguard of World theatre production and combined with the best DJ talent available, the stage is set and waiting to excite its audience for another amazing summer experience.





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