The senses of Ibiza

by Carlos Risco, Tess Prince, Tanja Outen and Danny Kay July 2017 SPECIAL FEATURES Read in PDF format N14/2017
FIVE SENSES - TASTE At ÏU MAG we want you to enjoy your time on the White Isle to the fullest and experience everything this amazing island has to offer. Over the next twenty five pages we bring you an explosion of your senses taking you around Ibiza where you can touch, taste, see, hear and smell a wide array of people, places and products guaranteed to give you a total sensory overload…


Sublime experiences

Sometimes there’s no better flavor than the product itself when you allow it to express itself in the mouth, with just a little garnish and no excessive decoration or special effects. Zela stands out for the sublime flavors of its wonderful products, like the tuna weighing over 200 kilos cut to make toro sashimi or the butterfish sushi with truffles and egg. With just a dash of organic soy sauce to accompany you in this experience which will transport you in the most simple way. “We like full-bodied flavors,” says Ricardo Sanz, the four-Michelin-starred chef. The prestigious chef of Japanese restaurant Kabuki has designed a clear-cut menu that goes straight to the palate. “Nothing beats a good sea urchin, a good tuna or a good shrimp with the minimum possible interference. It’s the best,” he affirms. That’s why they’ve tried to be very discreet with their dishes: “We try to make sure it’s the product that stands out, I don’t like to conceal it with sauces or add too many things,” says Sanz. And that’s what the Zela experience is about. With dim lighting concentrating on exceptional creations that go straight from the table to your mouth with no intermediaries. A splendid culinary experience.

Zela is the new gastronomic venue between Marina Botafoch and Marina Nueva in Ibiza, combining two key haute cuisine players: Kabuki’s Chef Ricardo Sanz and the TATEL Group. A restaurant that offers the highest quality Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, with live music and a warm and sophisticated ambiance. 

A Bowl of Beauty


Every once in a while you find yourself on Instagram and Pinterest discovering somethingextra special that makes looking at your 3-inch screen worthwhile. #acaibowl is one of the biggest food trends of the summer and now the wonderful people of Amazonia EU are hitting the scene once more with their brand new taste sensation – Pitaya…and I can guarantee that this product will have clean eating foodies jumping for joy! It’s one of the most beautiful and eye-catching fruits on the planet with the colour off the scale, almost neon pink. Pitaya, also known as Dragon Fruit, is a super food indigenous to Central and South America. Common species of Pitaya have white flesh on the inside but Amazonia EU harvested the vibrant red fleshed Pitaya as it is incredibly nutrient dense - it is frozen immediately to lock in the goodness. The flavour of Pitaya is quite delicate with pear-like notes, a hint of “earthy” watermelon and its tiny black seeds give the consistency of kiwi. It is a fantastic source of fibre and has particularly high levels of vitamin C that is important for keeping free radicals at bay while promoting healthy skin by protecting and boosting collagen levels - making it a top beauty food. This thick scrumptious pulp can be used to make the foundation of an out-of-this-world Pitaya bowl. Just like a canvas, the more you add the more of a sensory delight it becomes. Decorating the base is where the creativity begins… toppings can include raw cacao nibs, homemade granola, nuts, chia seeds, berries, bee polen…you name it - but the main rule is to keep it healthy. Incredible pitaya and acia are both available at Ushuaia venues, add some goodness to your life!


Take a hard working barman from Italy, an expert in luxury brand management from Russia and a healthy dose of dry ice and what do you have? The insanely infectious minus- 80bar in Ibiza Town that has opened this year to rave reception! With over 8 million visitors to Ibiza every summer, trying to think of a great angle to attract customers is always hard, but husband and wife team Matteo Bernardi and Anastasia Maltseva have done just that. Minus80 incorporates dry ice cocktails that are strictly prepared with high level spirits and fresh ingredients – all tasted at -80 degrees. Whilst classics like the Pornstar Martini and Espresso Martini will always be popular, our ÏU MAG favourite is the Green Hornet, a mix of vodka, fresh ginger, basil, green apple and the crazy mule…a delicious variation of the Moscow Mule. Any trip to Ibiza is not complete without witnessing one of their dry ice shows such as the Shot Cloud where a tray of shots are covered by a glass bell and surrounded by aromatic dry ice smoke which steams out on release. Check out their raw food kitchen too with their innovative tartar bar serving a wide selection of fresh beef and fish tartars. A brilliant new addition to night time on the White Isle… and one you will never forget for all the right reasons.

Where dreams come true


For many there is nowhere more special in Ibiza than Benirrás. A beautiful approach sees you meander through hills and valleys until you reach the bay and the outlook of Cap Bernat on the horizon. Sitting pride of place is Elements, the stylish concept space featuring a beach restaurant, juice bar, lounge bar, cocktail bar, treatment/massage room and boutique. Chilling with a cold drink looking out to sea at Elements is truly one of your holiday pleasures…and if you are lucky enough to be there when the drummers start pounding, well then you’re really truly in heaven. The whole ethos behind Elements is absolute respect for the environment and nature. Whilst the décor is created from recycled materials to create a natural organic feeling, the team also have a commitment to safeguard local food. Take your time and choose your food in the knowledge that everything on their menu is delicious. And as the sun begins to pack its bags for another day, sit back and enjoy one of life’s special moments on the beach where they say you truly can see the silence and get lost in the view. Elements. Where everything comes to together in perfect harmony.



Sublime meat.

Cuts of beef are a staple of Latin American barbecues. Each of these different cuts whether thick, thin, long or fine offers different flavors and preparations. Pau Brasil knows this very well. At this Brazilian barbecue you have a choice of up to a dozen different cuts of the best Latin American meat from rump steaks to sirloins. Veal, chicken, pork and lamb prepared Brazilian style: medium-rare on a charcoal grill. Brazilian rodizos like Pau Brasil are masters at preparing the most delicious meat, particularly the picanha or rump steak cooked with its fatty layer which protects the meat, keeps it moist, and forms a delicious crust. You can watch the red meat being grilled in its own juices in the restaurant’s show cooking churrasco or grill. The meat is cut by hand using a knife, which makes the whole cut of char-grilled picanha much more flavorful and enhances its texture. The Brazilian churrasco featuring cuts of meat served on a skewer, seasoned with sea salt and cooked over a fire is a feast for the senses with all its aromas and textures, that starts with the marinades and seasoning before the meat is laid out on the spit. Grilled to one’s preference and sliced just before serving, the experience is an authentic culinary journey to Brazil in a house with welcoming gardens that shows off its colorful ambience every night with live music and thematic events.

Pau Brasil Ibiza is the island’s first and only Brazilian churrasquería, featuring a restaurant, cocktail bar, tapas, children’s area, bossa nova music, live dancing and a chill-out zone. The restaurant aims to become a culinary ambassador that bring people closer to Brazil’s cuisine, music and culture. 





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