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SPIRITUAL IBIZA For an island known for its crazy parties, the White Isle also offers a magical side just waiting to be discovered. Many people come to Ibiza simply to dance the night away, but the island’s energy takes you by surprise, leading you down a rabbit hole of mysterious and enchanting ceremonies, rituals and happenings you never knew existed…

Alien Channeling

Ibiza is known as being one of the corners of the earth that aliens reportedly visit. Legend, myth and fairytales surround the mysterious Es Vedrà, attracting people from all walks of life to the island. Many extraterrestrial channelers are now flocking to the here, bringing messages from the ‘star nations’ enabling you to connect to your higher self and your soul purpose.

Connect with your Yoni

Ibiza is ruled by the goddess Tanit who rules sexuality and fertility, so what better place in the world to invoke your pussy power. Enhance your sexual pleasure and vitality with a gemstone you place inside to strengthen the pelvic floor, balance hormones and release emotional blockages.

Kambo Healing Therapy

Kambo is the name given to the highly toxic, waxy secretion of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor tree frog found in the Upper Amazon. You are burnt by an incense stick and frog poison is applied to the open wound. Within seconds you feel the poison running through your entire body as the Kambo scans your body for physical and emotional problems causing you to purge and let go.

Sound Healing

Experience a different type of music on your holiday to Ibiza. Certain frequencies have healing abilities, from the voice through the a variety of instruments including the Tibetan monks 432Hz frequency when playing their gongs. Open, clear and connect your chakras through the ‘Language of Light’.

Magic Mushroom Ceremonies

The Magic Mushroom journey is a beautiful and enlightening experience. Everything will be enhanced, especially in nature. It will allow you to connect with Mother Earth and explore your mind in ways you never knew possible. Psilocybin mushrooms contain psychedelic compounds which have been used around the world for spiritual, religious and healing purposes since prehistoric times.

Womb Re-Connection

Connect to the sacred power of your womb and learn about the hidden secrets that it unknowingly holds. When a woman honours her womb she can improve her life on many levels: mentally, physically, sexually, spiritually and emotionally.

The Gathering

A weekly collaboration in San Rafael of musicians and non musicians from over 30 different nationalities joining this chaotic but ultimately magical gathering. One nation under a groove…

Open your heart with cacao

Drink raw chocolate straight from nature to open your heart, centre and release emotional blockages. This super food helps remind you of who you are and connect to your true self. .

Crystal Healing

Take a trip to one of the many hippy markets on the island and find the perfect crystal that calls your name. Crystals all have their own unique healing abilities that can increase your confidence, calm your mind or evoke your inner power when applied on chakras and meridians in the body.

Tantric Eye Gazing

Stare eye to eye with a complete stranger as you become one and set your heart on fire. The non-verbal exercise opens up a new energy connection. You will meet beautiful conscience spirits all drawn to Ibiza to open their hearts to love.

Ecstatic Dance

Dance freely without alcohol, shoes or chaos as you dance to ignite your soul and love every part of your body. Awaken your body and expand your inner light. Set your intentions and dance the night away to inspirational music that leads you through the elements of earth, fire, air and water in a beautiful and safe environment.





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