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ALL KNIGHT LONG In an age where triple back to back sets and hundred DJ event line ups are the norm, it is so refreshing to see one of our legends going back to his roots with a world tour featuring six hour sets. Accompanying Mark Knight’s marathon mission around the globe comes the wonderful ‘Odyssey- A Short Film About The Art Of DJing’ with the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez and Andy C explaining how as set times are getting shorter and shorter, the art of the extended set is in danger of being forgotten. Here the Toolroom founder gives IUMAG an exclusive on how to get it pitch perfect when going for the long slog…

1. Preparation is key

When you’re playing for 6+ hours, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got your records properly sorted. If you’re anything like me you’ll be going through a shed load of music in that time, across multiple genres, so it’s no good just having one big folder of music. I tend to work out my extended sets in hour long slots, so you might have several folders prepared depending on what vibe you’re going for throughout the night. And if you’re someone who’s still playing vinyl, make sure you’ve got a couple of people who can help you lug all that wax around!

2. Get set fit

The longest set I’ve ever played was around 14 hours in Miami. Although I could have gone on for longer, as soon as I finished and some of the adrenaline had worn off, I was in pieces! It’s tough going standing up there and mixing for that long, especially on the back. So make sure you’re in reasonably decent shape before you start otherwise you might have to retire hurt halfway through. And try and avoid the afterparty the night before: will only make it harder if you’re not properly rested.

3. Ergonomics

Getting this wrong is another sure-fire way of making your job harder than it needs to be, so make sure all the equipment is at a comfortable level and set up in the order that suits you best.

4. Take your time

You’ve got a long way to go, so there’s absolutely no need to bang it out from the start: you’ll exhaust everyone. Start at a slow tempo and gradually build up the pace, but don’t feel like you can only go in one direction. Bring it down after a few hours, build it back up, whatever: variety is the spice of the extended set!

5. Know your music

You might have thousands of records in your collection, but you really need to know them in order to be able to deliver. There’s nothing less conducive to crafting a proper journey than playing records that just don’t go together, even if they’re fantastic records in their own right. Knowledge is key!

6. Pace yourself

If you’re playing for a couple of hours you can probably get away with having a few drinks with dinner before, then cracking on with the shots as soon as you start. The same cannot be said for a marathon set. You’re welcome to give it a try, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

7. Read the crowd

Again, for sets of a couple of hours or more you can probably just about get away with knowing which records you’re going to play, but that just won’t work when you’re playing an extended set. You really need to lock into the vibe of the crowd to decide how long you can push a certain sound of vibe without losing them.

8. Be brave

The likelihood is that people who have come to see you all night are fans, and as such you can push the boundaries more than you might be able to if you were playing on a line-up with several other DJs. So this is the time to pull out those weird and wonderful records you love but have never had a chance to play. Taking risks can often result in the most memorable moments of the night, so don’t just play it safe.

9. Location location location

Pretty self-explanatory, but make sure there’s a toiler near the booth. Either than or have a few 10 minute + tracks in your arsenal.

10 Lock and load

Finally, even though you might be playing the most blinding underground techno set of your life, you might be wise to keep a couple of classic tracks in the bank for those proper ‘moments’. 10 hours is a long old time for people to stick with you, give them something to smile about!

Watch ‘Odyssey” A Short Film About The Art Of DJing’ here



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