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HARDWELL The Dutch dynamo enjoying the time of his life

Robbert, so cool to speak to you again young man. I’ve just checked you diary out, dude you never stop! Have you got Red Bull running through your veins??

Haha! You know I love it man! I get such a kick out of playing music loud to big crowds of people, it’s what makes me tick unlike anything else! The touring can be draining but then you step on stage and all the emotion and energy kicks in and that’s it, all the red bull in the world couldn’t give you the same buzz as that feeling!!  It’s addictive! 

Let’s kick off with ADE in your city Amsterdam. Many are saying it was the best yet, you starred at shows at The ArenA, Heineken Music Hall and the College Hotel amongst others…do you agree, was this year the finest so far?

It was definitely the busiest ADE I’ve ever seen. The week was so busy. It was really great to see such a passion for both industry people and fans all mixing together in what is undoubtedly one of the most important weeks of the year. I had such a positive ADE with regards to meetings etc, a lot of very exciting stuff to come from all of that. I also had a really amazing time at the shows. I can 100% confirm ADE 2016 was one of the finest yet!

A personal ADE highlight?

Unveiling my own wax work was a pretty surreal moment and definitely one of the biggest highlights for me. Our sold out Revealed party was pretty nuts too. Playing ‘Thinking About You’ to that room and them all going absolutely nuts was awesome. 

Looking ahead, December sees you return to India for the Go Hardwell or Go Home with Hardwell event in Banaluru. What is it about this country and it’s scene you love?

India’s scene is growing so fast right now. The shows there are hitting an entirely new level of scale and production. The crowds are utterly crazy for the music and you get such an amazing experience when performing for them. I can’t thank for the Indian fans enough for their love and passion. You really do need to experience it to understand how madly passionate they are for the music. I love that!

hardwell in action

The 5 big tunes in your box this weekend…

1.      Hardwell feat Jay Sean ‘Thinking About You’
One of the biggest radio tracks I’ve made, it’s doing really on Spotify and Radio. Jay Sean did an amazing job on the topline! I also made a festival mix together with Kaaze which is rocking my sets at the moment!

2.      Jewelz & Sparks - Crank (HWL Edit)
A cool edit I made of Crank, this track works really well live. The break builds up slowly. 
The crowd loves the build-up; think Ping Pong on steroids! 

3.      Hardwell & W&W - Get Down
I’ve been playing this track for a while now and it’s finally coming out. This is a big festival anthem! many fans were waiting on this one and now the wait is over.

4.      Quintino - Underground
Big track by my man Quintino, one of the biggest anthems during ADE.
I can’t wait to reveal our new collaboration!

5.      Kaaze - Haarts
Kaaze is back on my label Revealed with this new club banger.
I love hanging out with that guy when I’m playing in Vegas, he’s originally from Sweden so that explains a lot!
This guy is bringing out banger after banger.

What a summer you had at your Ushuaia residency...

Summer this year was such a buzz from start to finish. Each week just got more and more wild. As I’ve mentioned before, I really love the whole set up of Ushuaia Ibiza. The sound there is ideal for me and what I want to do with an Ibiza residency. I love the feel of the venue and the production of the show this year was perfectly in-line with my original view for this new DNA theme.  It was a really incredible season there this year!

You spent a lot of time zooming in and out of the White Isle, do you have time to enjoy the island?

Summers can get pretty hectic with the touring so it’s often hard to find the time but I do love to go check out other parties when I can. For example, DC10 never fails when it comes to a great night out. I made it down there a few times this summer and loved it. I had my family over summer so we spent time together and enjoyed food at the villa and had a chance to enjoy the island away from the craziness. We mostly just went from place to place without any real plan or need to be anywhere which was a really refreshing change.

Tune of the summer?

The Chainsmokersft. Daya-Don't Let Me Down (Hardwell & SephyxRemix)

Craziest party night of Hardwell’s summer?

The DNA Closing Party at Ushuaia wild! We all felt it the very next day but wow what I great night! Thanks to everyone who came and partied with us

What is coming out next from you studio wise?

I’ve just released my new single with Jay Sean ‘Thinking About You’. I have a collaboration with W&W coming up next and then I’m holding back until 2017. I’ve got a lot of new music just waiting to go once the new year starts!  

hardwell in concert

What was the last AMAZING…

Film you saw:

ET (it was a rerun on TV but what a timeless classic!)

Album you listened to:

I’ve been a little preoccupied with my own music lately so haven’t dig deep into any albums recently.

Touristy thing you did:

Got a private tour around Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam prior to my wax work being unveiled.

An up and coming producer to watch out for in 2017?

Kill the Buzz. He’s has some really fresh music coming up so definitely keep your eye out for him in 2017.

Ushuaia Ibiza 2017 - you coming back???

I hope to be back next year but let’s see what summer 2017 brings...







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