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KUNGS The French producer sensation setting the world on fire...

Valentin, a huge welcome back to Ushuaia IUMAG. Where on planet earth are you today?

Thanks for having me! Today I’m in Paris doing some promo.

What would be a perfect 24 hours for you?


Show time! Usually I’m playing around this time!


Sleep, sleep and sleep again


A brunch of eggs, bacon and orange juice


Flight to the next gig


A mix between doing music on my computer and answering some interviews like this one!


Dinner, some good seafood pasta would be perfect


Chill time. TV, Facebook or maybe go for a little walk in town and preparing my set for the show!

…if every day could be as simple as this one, my life would be even more amazing.


Such an exciting time for you right now with the release of your debut album ‘LAYERS’. What a perfect name for your release dude, so many influences demonstrating your huge love of music and bringing us so many emotions. A sign of a true musician! Please talk us through your new 12 musical babies and the collaborators you worked with…

First of all thanks for your kind words, it means a lot to me!

1. Melody

Absolutely thankful to Luke Pritchard from the Kooks for giving me the opportunity to do this track with him, he’s been my idol since I was really young so it’s a dream come true! His voice is so recognisable and the guitar riffs he did are just amazing. We made it together in London. Such beautiful memories.

2. This Girl (Kungs Vs. Cookin’ On 3 Burners)

I guess you already heard about this story haha! But to make it short and sweet here is a explanation. I discovered the original track from the Australian band Cookin’ On 3 Burners in October 2015. I immediately loved the vibe so I’ve decided to rework it by adding my personal touch to it (trumpets, kicks, claps and all the structure). The Australian band loved it, so after a lot of versions we decided to release it! From this point onwards everything went really fast!

3. Don’t You Know

I made this track with the amazing and super talented British singer Jamie N Commons in London in December 2015. We formed the basis of the track in more or less 3 hours. Then I went back home and worked a lot on the production of it to make it sound perfect and find a good structure. Once I’d found the structure we recorded some trumpets and here we are, the track was done! 

4.You Remain

Also made in London, this track was made with Rituals, a band of 3 super nice guys from the UK. We were more in the mood of doing something more melancholic / nostalgic this day. Maybe this was due to the London weather haha!


A few months ago in Paris, I went to the studio with this US/French guy called Wolfgang. Everything happened really fast, his voice immediately fit to the vibe I wanted to give to this track. After I’d found the final structure I decided to record some chorus, and real people clapping their hands to make it sound perfect. I really like this chill track with this massive guitar riff on the drop!

6.When You’re Gone

This one was a long distance production process, I started listening to this amazing voice on Soundcloud and I thought “well this track is almost perfect and deserves way more attention”. So I made some structure changes in addition to add some electronic components like kicks, claps and effects on her voice! Really happy about this one, I feel like I’m walking in the countryside while I’m listening to it.

7.Wild Church

This is the only instrumental track from my album. I wanted to have a pure club track in it so I’ve decided to leave it like that without adding any vocal to it. The sound of the bells is unique and really recognizable, which is why the track is called Wild Church.

8.Bangalore Streets

I wanted to take the listeners on a trip into the streets of India with me.

Freia, who did the vocal on this one, has a kind of spacey voice, I feel like this instrumental needed something in this vibe, something that let you travel once you close your eyes. Even though I’ve never been to this country, I always wanted to discover its culture.  

9. Tripping Off

I made this track with the super talented Swedish singer Lune in London, she has a wonderful, cute voice. Another laid back track in my album. Fun fact, I did the cazu by myself on the drop haha

10.I Feel So Bad

I immediately fell in love with this song from Ephemerals, this one is definitely in the same vibe as “This Girl” with a trumpet drop and a groovy vocal. But I feel like this one is more house than “This Girl”. I took the original track, reworked it by adding a trumpet drop and did a brand new structure. We also recorded a guitar riff to make the instrumental even more powerful. 

11.Crazy Enough

Even before his great song on the Robin Schulz album I really wanted to collaborate with Richard Judge. We worked on the topline together in London. Then I tried several versions of the topline, but according to the lyrics I decided to make it a more melancholic one and kept an electronic vibe.


One of my favorite tracks of the album, Rae Morris is such a cool girl with a hypnotising voice. This track is pretty different from the rest of the album with this kind of pitched voice on the drop and only a few instruments during the breaks to let people focus on her voice.

How long did the album take to create and where is your studio?

I had to create this album really quickly, 6 months. I’ve been to several studios for weeks to create it, in 3 different places; in London and 2 different places in Paris. Most of the production work has been done in my bedroom with my headphones. The studio sessions are mainly made to find a great topline with a singer and to bring the basis of the structure of the track.

2016 has been a remarkable year for you dude. Have you had a chance to take a breath, look back and take in just what you have achieved?

Not really to be honest haha, everything has gone really fast and “This Girl” literally blew up in a few months! I did a lot of gigs this summer as well as all the studio sessions. This was pretty tiring but I’m really happy and proud to be releasing an album so quickly! I’ll take a break in January, I’ll actually be 100% off for a month! But actually, touring all around the world to share my music with my fans is way more than a job, it’s a passion and I’m really thankful to be able to do this!

What has been your favorite moment of the year?

It was in September, when I was the headlining act of a show in a stadium in Switzerland. 50.000 people were partying with me and the cherry on the cake was when I played “This Girl”, and a massive firework went off. This moment is still one of the most best memories of my life!

The last time we spoke you were drooling at the prospects of setting up a live show with the singers you have worked with. What is the latest with that?

Still working on it with my team! It makes even more sense now that I have a full album to play with amazing singers featured on it. You should have more news about that in the next few months but no rush here, as I want this production to be perfect and not something done too quickly.

What is the last GREAT…

Film you saw?

War Dogs

Album (other than your own!!!!!!!!) you listened to?

DJ Snake “Encore” massive one!

Touristy thing you did?

A boat tour in Amsterdam!

Cried at a track?

Moments – Kidnap Kid

Who is your best friend in the world?

I’d say my tour manager!

And finally, what is coming out from you next musically?

Don’t know yet to be honest, first of all I’ll work on new bootlegs and remixes to integrate some of my chill album tracks into my sets, and then I’ll start thinking about the next collaborations for some new music in 2017!






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