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FIGHTING FIT Boxing on the beach

The same women you see strutting their amazing bodies in lacy bras, panties and tiny string bikinis also frequently pull on their boxing gloves and step into the ring. Th at’s right – some of the top Victoria’s Secret models incorporate boxing into their workout routines. If that’s not enough to convince you to add boxing to your regime, then these tips will have you itching to start sparring on Ibiza’s beaches at sunset. Boxing is a great workout, toning the arms and abs whilst seriously challenging your cardio at the same time. Th e sport is estimated to be approximately 70-80% anaerobic and 20-30% aerobic. Anaerobic means conducting an activity without oxygen, and this form of exercise uses energy sources that are stored in the muscles, rather than depending on oxygen from breathing the air. Anaerobic exercise stresses the muscles at a high intensity for short periods of time.

Interval Fitness Responses

Rather than wasting valuable training time with LSD (long slow distance) running, a fi ghter can make more valuable use of their time by training in a sport-specifi c manner. One of the best ways to condition the body for boxing is through interval training. Intervals consist of intense, sustained running for a set distance or time. Common intervals for boxers consist of short distances: 200, 400, 600 and 800 metres. Amateur boxers fi ght 2-minute bouts, and must be prepared to fi ght hard for the duration of the round. Th e 600-metre interval training closely mimics the anaerobic demands imposed upon the body during an amateur boxing fi ght. Professional fi ghters, on the other hand, fi ght 3-minute rounds,so 800-metre interval training is perfect for them. A general rule of thumb is to run one more interval than the number of rounds you will be boxing. For example, if you are fighting a 4-round bout, it makes sense to run 5 intervals.

Let’s look at a sample routine:

Run a 1-mile warm-up, followed by 6 x 600 metres, and rest for 1 minute between each interval. Then lightly jog for an 800-metre cool down. It is important to run the intervals at an intense pace, which should be maintained for the duration of the interval. Interval training should bring your heart rate to anaerobic levels. Over time, you will gradually lower your heart rate, improve recovery time between intervals and speed up your running times.

Ibiza’s Boxing Hotspots // Mejores
Lugares para Boxear en Ibiza

Ibiza Personal Trainer

Cala Comte is a perfect location to enjoy a boxing
session with a personal trainer, overlooking the
crystal-clear waters by Sunset Ashram. Contact
the team at Ibiza Personal Trainer for one-to-one
sessions from €60 per hour.
ESP. Cala Comte es un lugar perfecto para disfrutar
de una sesión de boxeo con un entrenador
personal junto a las aguas cristalinas y al Sunset
Ashram. Contacta con los entrenadores de Ibiza
Personal Trainer para sesiones personalizadas
desde 60€ por hora.

Gino Boxing

On Talamanca beach there are free classes with
Gino Boxing Team every Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday from 9.30am to 11.00am, from 2 June -
30 September. You can also learn Thai boxing and
Tai Chi to master various training skills.
ESP. Gino Boxing Team ofrece clases gratuitas
en la playa de Talamanca cada martes, jueves y
sábado de 9.30 a 11.00 desde el 2 de junio al 30
de septiembre. También puedes aprender boxeo
tailandés y Tai Chi para dominar diversas técnicas
de entrenamiento.


High-intensity 60-minute boxing classes are scheduled
at the gym on Thursdays at 8:30pm throughout
June (timetables may vary throughout the season).
Members only. Contact Juan Luis (Maki) at Bfit for
personalised beach boxing training sessions.
ESP. Se ofrecen clases de boxeo de alta intensidad
en el gimnasio cada jueves a las 20.30
horas durante el mes de junio, los horarios pueden
variar durante la temporada. Sólo para socios.
Contacta con Juan Luis (Maki) en Bfit para una
sesión de boxeo personalizada en la playa.

The Workout Club

Warm up with a game of volleyball on the beach
at Es Cavallet before enjoying some sparring.
Personal trainers at The Workout Club can assist
you with your fitness regime.
ESP. Calienta con un partido de voleibol en la
playa de Es Cavallet y luego practica sparring. Los
entrenadores personales de The Workout Club
pueden ayudarte con tu rutina.





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