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I WANNA BE LIKE YOU We dip into the life and work of 14 personalities who inspire us

Kylie Minogue, for her disco fever

One of the world’s undisputed pop princesses, Kylie Minogue has sold over 70 million records worldwide. For decades, Kylie has won the hearts of millions of pop lovers. From her debut single ‘Locomotion’ to ‘Can’t Get You Outta My Head’, she has produced some truly great anthems, each an example of her unmistakable brand of fun-loving disco. Her career in the limelight started at the age of just 11, when she appeared in various soap operas in her native Australia before landing the part of Charlene in Neighbours. Subsequently, her pop career took off and Kylie started producing countless hits. She made her first hit single – a remake of The Locomotion – in 1987 and the following year her eponymous debut album was released and went seven-times platinum.

She’s a Grammy award-winner, has completed 13 world tours and had 46 consecutive chart-topping hits in the UK. A self-confessed workaholic, she always seems to be involved in numerous projects. The inspirational singer’s battle with breast cancer back in 2005 did not hinder her drive and determination either. She now has a lust for life that was even greater than before. Kylie has talked openly to the press about her experience and has stated that she feels extremely fortunate that she is alive to tell her story. The Australian songstress has now recorded her 12th studio album Kiss Me Once, her debut album signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation Management. She works with a plethora of talent including the likes of Pharell, Sia and UK rising star MNEK. The album includes a variety of upbeat dance tracks and sensual electro pop. There are some provocative songs on the album with videos to match. The video from the track Sexercize took it’s inspiration from Olivia Newton John’s Physical video. Sexercize.tv was also created by Kylie, which showcases other videos for the track by various collaborators including Roman Coppola x Maserati and Mat Maitland x Jean Paul Gaultier. The glittering showgirl has had many wondrous fashion moments, her incredible stage outfits have been commissioned by Gaultier, Galliano and Dolce & Gabbana. Kylie even launched a fashion book in 2012 entitled Kylie/Fashion commemorating 25 years of fashion throughout her career. This August she performs at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza to promote her new album. Kylie’s last appearance on the island was in 2010 where she launched Aphrodite at Pacha and also shot a cover story for Vogue España. Fans can look forward to the Kiss Me Once tour coming up this September, which will tour Europe and Australia into 2015.

Aaron Paul, for his charm

When the world saw Aaron Paul (born in Idaho, 1979) playing the role of meth addict Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, dealing crystal meth together with Walter White (Bryan Cranston), he irremediably entered a pantheon of actors who are writing the history of modern-day television.

Before Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul appeared briefly in series such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, until Big Love started to give him certain acting strength. With several Emmys under his belt, he has become one of the world’s most respected actors, not only as a complex and changing character throughout the whole duration of one of the most acclaimed series of today, Breaking Bad, but for transmitting an uplifting humanity to a punished character and turning the anti-hero into a modern-day leader. And all without losing the smile or the energy that shines through his eternal youthfulness. Maybe this is the reason the venerable Ridley Scott has included him - together with Christian Bale, Ben Kingsley and John Turturro - in the casting of Exodus, the biblical and colossal production that promises to become the blockbuster of the year. This will be a new challenge for Aaron Paul, who the audience almost consider part of their family and with whom anyone would commit a crime. The actor himself admits that “despite my love for him, I have to play other roles beyond Jessie Pinkman”.

Maya Gabeira, for her courage

Brazilian big-wave surfer Maya Gabeira has intrepidly ridden some of the biggest breaks in the world.

In 2009 she rode the biggest wave on record for a female rider at 46ft and in 2013 nearly died at Nazaré – a heavy beach break in Portugal – trying to beat her own record on an 80ft wave. She was eventually pulled to shore with a broken ankle and rescucitated by her surfing partner Carlos Burle. Very few people could survive an experience like that and then only few months later do a photoshoot for GQ Brazil, which is exactly what happened next. She also returned to big-wave surfing earlier this year on the North Shore of Hawaii. As one of the few young women in her sport, she has invited both criticism and praise after her near-death experience. Suffice to say though, the praise she has received has far outweighed the criticism, and, at any rate, she seems unfazed by either. She first learnt to surf at 14 with a surf school in Arpoador, Rio, and cites her boyfriend and friends at the time as being her inspiration to start. 13 years on, despite the danger and raw physicality of big-wave surfing, she evidently needs very little encouragement to get back in the water day after day. Brawn and beauty is a rare combination, but one that Maya Gabeira personifies.

Nick Woodman, for his vision

They say that the best inventions - the most successful ones, the ones that stand the test of time and become icons obey a common feature - were created out of necessity. Maybe because nobody invents anything better than something that is addressed to yourself, for your own specific and personal needs. The Californian Nick Woodman, apart from being brought up in Silicon Valley, was a surfing aficionado that, after the bubble of the dotcom, decided to take a six month trip to surf Australia and Indonesia and generate new ideas for a possible technological device. To document both his adventures in the sea and his travels, Woodman contemplated the necessity of a robust, compact and high-quality camera. At the time there was no camera that was waterproof and could withstand extreme temperatures, so he created his own camera: the GoPro. In 2004 he launched his first model, and two years later the camera was already a success. Today, his company has a stock value of 2.6 billion dollars; gives employment to 500 people and last year generated an income of 986 million dollars. His new camera Hero3 has already become a best seller

Jamie Olivier, for his social conscienes

From relatively humble beginnings as a pastry chef for Antonio Carluccio in London’s Neals Yard, Jamie Oliver has become celebrated as the man who started a food revolution in the UK.

After working for Carluccio, Oliver became sous chef at London’s River Cafe, before being talent spotted by the BBC. In the late ‘90s, his cooking show The Naked Chef debuted and became an instant hit. His down-to-earth approach to cooking was a refreshing antidote to the prevailing obsession with Michelin-star, haute cuisine on TV. It inspired a generation of young people, men in particular, to get in the kitchen and try cooking. It also became a lunchpad for Oliver, who later secured shows on both the Food Network and Channel 4. Oliver’s social conscience was evident early on in his career when he filmed the documentary ‘Jamie’s Kitchen’. For this, he trained a group of disadvantaged young people for work in his first restaurant ‘Fifteen’, which remains today along with ‘Fifteen Amsterdam’, ‘Fifteen Cornwall’ and ‘Fifteen Melbourne’. He would go on to to tackle the nutritional value of school meals in his series ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’, and the nutritional intake of adults in the UK and US, with the series ‘Jamie’s Ministry of Food’ and ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’. Jamie Oliver is a man who has remained passionate about people’s health even when they have appeared indifferent to it themselves.

Cara Delevingne, for her rebellious style

Cara has been described by British Vogue as the ‘star face’ and has graced hundreds of editorials, appeared in huge campaigns and has made countless catwalk appearances. Her insurmountable beauty and youthful charms have made her a muse to many a designer. Signed to Storm Model Management, the same agency that discovered Kate Moss, Miss Delevingne is unstoppable right now. Born Cara Jocelyn Delevingne on 12 August 1992. She is the daughter of Pandora 80s socialite and property developer Charles Hamar Delevingne. Her grandmother was lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, her Godfather is Condé Nast executive Nicholas Coleridge, her godmother is actress Joan Collins and her sister Poppy is a model/ designer. Perhaps Cara’s highly-revered dynasty was to preempt her success. As a young girl Cara started out modelling for Cadbury chocolate commercials and since has gone on to work for brands such as Balmain, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel. Delevingne has graced the covers of Vogue UK three times as well as Vogue Korea, Australia, Brasil, Japan, Italia, Portugal, LOVE, i-D and W magazine. The ambitious blonde is also eager to accomplish other feats apart from her modeling: her acting career has already taken its course and there are also rumours of a possible venture into the music industry.

Marisa Mayer, for her entrepreneurial character


They say there are decisive moments in life when one brings out the best of oneself and is able to perform miracles. Mayer, who since 1999 was part of the all-powerful Google arrived to Yahoo! as a young, brilliant and attractive professional amid of a mire of old-fashioned CEOs who had gone too deep into their financial crisis. Mayer started to do her magic from the very first moment she arrived: looking after their second entities such as Flickr, and re-launching their email service. She sold half of the shares Yahoo! had in the Chinese Alibaba and started with the acquisition of emerging start-ups. After her initial success, however, where the Yahoo investors strived during her term obtaining more than double the income and having given a new vision to the company, it seems that Marissa Mayer’s miracles have run out and the financial press predicts the end of the eight general director of the company. We’ll have to wait for a next miracle to happen.

Valentino Rossi, for his competitiviness

Valentino Rossi is the most iconic motorcycle racer in the modern era. Born in Marche, Italy, to parents Stefania and Graziano (himself a professional motorcycle racer), he learnt to race bikes in minimoto competitions at the age of 11, after first racing go-karts. He had a hugely successful junior racing career, winning the Italian Sport Production Championship in 1994 and the Italian 125cc Championship in 1995. The Italian 125cc Championship win was arguably the most pivotal of his life, securing him a place in the World Championship the following year. He raced for Aprilia in the 125cc class of the World Championship for the 1996 and 1997 seasons, before moving to the 250cc class with the same team for 1998 and 1999. In 2000 and 2001 he raced in the 500cc category for Honda and remained with them when he made his glorious transition to MotoGP racing in 2002. Over the course of the next 11 years he would go on to win 7 MotoGP World Championships to add to his 2 World Championships from the 250cc and 500cc classes. What he gave the world in this time can best be described as a masterclass, not just in motorcycling, but in racing and competition in all its forms. Rossi stuck with the Honda team for only two seasons into his MotoGP career, before switching to Yamaha in 2004 on account of a need to prove himself on another bike. He had faced criticism that the strength of his Honda in 2002 and 2003 was largely responsible for his World Championship wins in those years. He proved his doubters wrong, however, by winning the World Championship on a Yamaha in both 2004 and 2005. He wouldn’t win another World Championship until 2008, but by this point he had already become, unquestionably, one of motorcycle racing’s greatest. His millions of adoring Italian fans have always enjoyed seeing him race on a Ducati, and they were disappointed when he decided not to after leaving Honda in 2003. The fans had their prayers answered though when, in 2011, Rossi moved to Ducati from Yamaha after placing 3rd in the 2010 World Championship. He raced for Ducati for two seasons, but, to the dismay of a nation, with little success, finishing 7th and 6th in the 2011 and 2012 rankings respectively. Everyone of course knew it was the bike and not the rider. He made the difficult decision to leave Ducati and return to Yamaha in 2013 and continues to race for them this year. Out of 303 races he has won 106 and placed on the podium 188 times, which gives you an indication of both his brilliance and his consistency. He consequently, and deservedly, places high on lists of the world’s highest paid athletes, with a reported wealth of €90 million. His wealth will be the least remembered of his attributes however; it will be his style, carisma and unsurpassed record in the seat of a motorcycle that secures his place on the list of sport’s greatest heroes

Richard Branson, for his ambition

How frustrated must the Virgin Group founder have been then when in the early ‘70s he launched his first tranche of record stores, first called Virgin Records, later called Virgin Megastores. His aim to sell records more cheaply than existing stores proved successful, and off the back of that success Branson launched a rebranded Virgin Records, this time as a record label. Virgin Records was initially instrumental in the krautrock genre, signing popular German bands such as Tangerine Dream and Faust. It wasn’t until the label signed British punk band The Sex Pistols in 1977, however, that they became internationally respected and a major player in the music business. Soon after the label signed new wave bands Culture Club and Human League, the latter giving them their first UK No.1 hit with ‘Dont You Want Me’. The Virgin Group today comprises more than 400 different businesses in almost every possible business sector you can imagine. Branson, remarkably, still retains complete ownership of the Virgin brand, making him one of the richest people in the world. In addition to his business ventures, Branson is a renowned adventurer and humanitarian: he currently holds the record for the fastest transatlantic crossing in a boat, and in 2013 pledged to give half his wealth to charity.

Tilda Swinton, for her eccentricity

However, at the same time she is ethereal and untouchable, magical and all-powerful. Born as Katherine Mathilda “Tilda” Swinton in London in 1960, this actress and former model jokes about her looks. “I am used to people calling me ‘Sir’ in the lifts,” she once said, on account of the fact that she reached the staggering height of 6 foot tall when she was just a teenager. Although there is something else in the explicit magnetism of Swinton, which could be related to her condition of a woman from a noble family whose roots dig down in the mists of time, going back to the Anglo-Scottish High Middle Ages. Like this, with her deliberately androgynous roles, her majestic height and her good family composure, Swinton has left her mark on the world of cinema since she played a main role in Orlando and the role of the white witch in Narnia. Although the glory came later with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her interpretation of the hermetic lawyer in Michael Clayton. She consolidated her presence in Hollywood with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Married and with two children, we have seen her lately beside another chameleonic character, David Bowie, in his video for ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’.

Lena Dunham, for her sense of humor

Lena Duham is an American actress, screenwriter, producer and director. She is the writer and star of the HBO series Girls, which has won two Golden Globe Awards. Girls is an American television series that premiered on HBO on April 15, 2012. Created by Lena Dunham, the comedy-drama follows a group of young girls in their twenties living in New York City and takes you through the joys and dramas of their everyday lives. Dunham has never taken acting lessons and yet plays the lead protagonist in the show and much of the story line is based on her real life experiences. The series is hugely popular and received critical acclaim for its raw wit and humour. Dunham’s realistic portrayal of women and their relationships is refreshing and the controversial topics she approached make the series bold and intriguing. Girls has concluded its third season, which consists of 12 episodes and premiered on January 12, 2014. Fans will be excited to know the series has been renewed for a fourth season, which will premiere in 2015.

Tinie Tempah, for his gentleman rap

This is both a mark of his versatility as an MC and the accummulating crossover appeal of UK grime acts since the early 2000s. No grime artist crosses into pop territory quite like Tempah though: his success in the US is no doubt attributable to his relatively smooth, polished style; a sound quite distinct from the raw, more urban sounds of grime pioneers Dizzee Rascal and Wiley. Tempah first achieved mainstream recognition through Parlophone Records, with the release of his debut UK No.1 ‘Pass Out’. His third single ‘Written in the Stars’ was his first release in the US (the platinum seller) and simultaneously became his second UK No.1. His first album, Disc-Overy, went double platinum in the UK and his second album, Demonstration, went platinum. In the process of releasing all this material he’s collaborated with some diverse names, from Labrinth and Whiz Khalifa to Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris and DVBBS. He currently features on Cheryl Cole’s single “Crazy Stupid Love’, which at the time of writing sat at the top of the iTunes download chart. He’s still only 25 to boot, so expect to see much more of Tinie Tempah over the next five years. We and a lot of fans loved his gig at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza last month.





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