By Camilla Felici Photographs by Oscar Munar & Roberto Castano June 2014 Read in PDF format N2/2014
USHUAϏA - BEHIND THE SCENES ... Ushuaïa are creating some of the most incredible parties in the world right now. Superstar residents include David Guetta, Avicii, Hardwell, Axwell and Ingrosso. Not only showcasing the very best in emerging talent, the production involved is spectacular

The parties at Ushuaïa over the summer are nothing short of spectacular. Romain Pissenem, one of the masters behind the concept, describes the season as one long long performance with no intervals! The production involved is mind blowing and the shows will truly amaze. With world-class DJs, pyrotechnics, acrobats, insane visuals and lavish costumes the Ushuaïa parties mesmerize like no other. Romain derives from a theatrical background - at the National Theatre in Paris he developed his craft and at 18, he already had his own theatre company. - At the National Theatre it was all very serious, I was young and I wanted to bring the energy and excitement of a party to the theatre, so I produced Electro Theatre-, an immersive interactive experience for the audience. Subsequently Romain has worked on countless projects throughout the world. He directs for Walt Disney in Paris, has devised concepts for catwalks at major Fashion Weeks Shows and his production company, High Scream do the Ushuaïa parties among many other events globally. Here mienin Ibiza, Ushuaïa is a realm where he and his brother Yann Pissenem can make all their wildest dreams and desires possible - in the form of the ultimate spectacle. There have been some unbelievable moments at Ushuaïa. Last years opening featured a tightrope walker who performed high above the crowd, before disappearing into a cloud of firecrackers. As darkness set in a light show ensued and two enormous dragons floated through the sky, whilst a giant tiger was projected onto the main stage. The pool played a starring role acting as a screen, where on nightfall, a floating bed of half a million ping pong balls formed the basis for an astonishing video mapping moment. Ushuaïa became it􀂷s own thrilling sci-fi universe for intergalactic voyagers. The balloon show was another memorable moment, Romain recalls, -I had gone to buy the Walt Disney film, UP for my daughter one day and she asked me if she could fly with balloons ... it was then I thought ... perhaps I could bring an idea like this to Ushuaïa?􀂷 The venue was also transformed into a crazy amusement park for the closing last year and at this year’s opening a ten meter tall light puppet danced through the crowds. The head stylist and costume designer creates bespoke pieces for all the performers involved in the show to fit the concept for each night. A master and expert in metal couture and corsetry he has worked for advertising campaigns such as Givenchy and Lavazza and collaborated with Nicola Formichetti and Nick Knight. He has also designed pieces for Madonna, Beyonce and Angelina Jolie. Backstage one of the dancers, Julia is dressed in a metal structured bra as she reminisces that three years ago, she went to one of the Ushuaïa parties and immediately knew she wanted to be involved. - I think it􀂷s the only club who do parties quite like it. I love Ushuaïa, it􀂷s like a dream when I􀂷m performing on stage.-The energy and grandeur of the show is captivating. The dancers improvise to the music together with the lighting effects and elements on stage, which makes for an organic and spontaneous performance.


The supreme level of talent and expertise involved in the show is immense Romain affirms, - I have a very dedicated team who all have a ‘nothing is impossible’ ethos. A vital component is bringing the stage designs, lighting, video content, sound, stylists, dancers and performers together. We work as if we are cooking and the secret is how we mix all these ingredients. - The protagonist is of course the DJ. The lighting and visuals are to enhance the experience and work to the rhythm of the music. The production element incorporated into each show is always discussed closely with the artist and their management. - For David Guetta we have a huge jukebox and a cadillac, Avicii is very technological and Ants has a Mad Max inspired theme this year.- -Ants is Yann Pissenem􀂷s concept, -Mixed with a really crazy and a really smart mind, he makes these Ushuaïa parties happen. He has about 20 ideas per second.􀂷􀀃Romain speaks of his brother fondly. Ants, takes place on a Saturday from 3pm to midnight and is very much about the music. Though there is one spectacular moment at the Ants parties when night falls involving 55 seconds of bursting pyrotechnics and LED lighting effects. - In 10 seconds you see about 5000 cameras go up in the air, when this happens you know you have done a great show - Romain and his brother are true creative geniuses. The most challenging aspect of the production? - What we are going to do next.





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