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ELI AND FUR The coolest chicks in clubland heating up Ibiza

You met at a performing arts school – what were your career dreams back then?

Eli: I started out wanting to be in a band, I was more into live music. I definitely wanted to write and sing and have done for as long as I can remember. It was the reason I moved schools to be able to study music technology.

Fur: I was studying art; I have always found art and music to be the best way of expressing myself but I was never quite sure. I just knew I wanted to do something creative.

Eli, I believe your dad was a wedding DJ – have you ever used any of his old classics in your sets?

I’ve always given my dad a hard time for getting rid of his old record collection but he assures me that everything he played would not be my thing!

Who were your early dance music influences?

Eli: My only real access to music at a young age was the radio, so it was a lot of ‘90s dance, a bit of garage but mostly indie stuff. Fur sparked that excitement in me for house and techno when we met at school. We both came from pretty different musical backgrounds which was an eye opener for both of us.

Fur: When I first started going out it was all UK garage and drum’n’bass. That eventually led to house, Chicago and acid. Eli and I got hooked on that sound from when we started sharing music and going out to certain nights together, which led to DJing.

How would you describe your musical style?

Tracks that work on and off the dancefloor, rooted in house and techno with elements of other music we love. Dark, ethereal and melodic.

Can you remember your first ever trip to Ibiza? Did you feel the energy straight away?

Yeah, we loved it. It was very immediate and a real eye opener for the both of us in terms of dance music. Seeing these huge superclubs and all those people so into that sound as well as the culture was very new to us. We were only just old enough to go out; it was inspiring and exciting.

What is it like for an artist to play at Ushuaïa – why is it so good?

The club in itself is mindblowing; the production and visuals are amazing also. To be part of such a great party like Ants, set somewhere which has had so many huge names play, is just incredible.

What is your formula for a great working relationship?

We know each other really well and have been friends forever which is a huge bonus. That said, it all boils down to how important making music and DJing is to the both of us. It’s not worth falling out over; we are on the same page when it comes to the music and if we ever disagree on things, it’s usually pretty small and we just talk it out. Rather than a formula you both have to want the same things and to care about the project as much as each other. That way you are both looking at the big picture little things don’t matter. We also have a lot of fun together which helps.

You are in the middle of a US tour – what is it about the American market that you love?

We love to play all over the world but have done longer tours in the US with it being so far away. I think that’s helped cement our love for it. It’s not particularly sceney which can be refreshing. Everyone is very open, they love to have a good time and seem to switch between genres more freely. Success is really celebrated and it feels like you are surrounded by a lot of positivity.

Eli & Fur play ANTS at Ushuaïa on Saturday 6 August





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