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BLACK COFFEE Aged just 13, Nkosinathi Maphumulo was hit by a car while out celebrating the release of Nelson Mandela from jail, leaving him paralysed in his left arm. he is now the most exciting new talent in dance music…

Nathi, you are here to play Circo Loco at DC-10 - why do DJs love playing there so much?

For a new DJ it is like going to high school. It is where we come and learn about the underground before going out and taking on the world and all its craziness. Also on the bill are Disclosure, not someone you’d usually associate with Circo Loco… I thought the Disclosure booking was great. There is such a huge misconception that when an artist becomes successful they suddenly don’t make or play great music anymore. Just because they are on MTV doesn’t make them bad. The message is simple: it’s all about the music.

What was your first trip to Ibiza like?

It was three years ago and to be honest, I knew nothing about the island, the scene or the DJs. Luciano had tried booking me for Ushuaïa once before but I was already booked and then Seth Troxler – who was loving my music – put in a good word to the promoters at DC10. I didn’t even know who Seth was back then!

One of the things I love about you is the diversity of your DJ gigs. Coming up is Watergate in Berlin, a jazz club in Switzerland, Pacha in Ibiza, a racecourse event in South Africa…

I am looking at film scores and I am working on Puff Daddy’s new hip-hop album - anything that vibrates and interests me musically, I am there.

I loved your Alicia Key’s remix – what’s coming next?

I have just submitted a single to Ultra which is not your usual Black Coffee tempo; it’s 110bpm and features an amazing South African singer/ songwriter called Shekinah. I want the new album to be totally different and showcase as many styles of my music as possible. A real producer’s album.

A lot of the world is fucked up at the moment. South Africa, though, seems to be moving forward finally?

It brings me so much joy when I hear comments like that – all I usually get from people is concern and worry. It has taken a long time and we have a long way to go, but people are slowly understanding who we are. We have been on the outside for so long that we forgot to see the real value in ourselves. Our nation has finally understood that we don’t have to emulate what the rest of the world is doing – we have our own world. There are so many young kids now getting involved in new enterprises and starting their own brands. The future is looking so exciting for South Africa.

And for its music… Exactly!

The South African Broadcasting Corporation has just announced they will now be playing 90% local music across all of its 18 radio stations in a bid to prioritise homegrown talent. So now kwaito, umbhaqanga, gospel, isicathamiya and maskandi are just some of the music genres that are being pushed. This has changed everything for us. It means new artists now have a goal. Local is now cool.

Black coffee plays at circo loco @ dc10 on 1, 15 & 29 August and at Solomun +1 @ pacha on 7 August. Black coffee also stars at Sw4, london, 27-28 August





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