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NERVO CELEBRATE USHUAÏA Our cover stars NERVO talk to us about their new debut album, Japanese fashion, kick ass club nights and the highlights of their unstoppable career to date

Can you tell us about the projects that you’ve been working on since we spoke to you last season?

Ok, so one year ago we were finishing our album, which we delivered to our label about six months ago. It was tough to narrow the song selection down to 15 tracks from about 45 ideas and we knew we weren’t going to have a lot of time to shoot music videos during the summer because of our crazy touring schedule. So over the past six months we’ve shot five music videos. Now that the music is done, we’re focusing on our summer tour and we’re looking forward to coming to Ibiza and taking a few days off to enjoy the island.

Why did you decide to call your debut album Collateral?

Collateral to us is a word that best represents where we are today. We feel like all the years we spent before we were artists – working on our music, working for others, hustling and the relationships we built – all bought us to where we are today. It has all been collateral. A mentor actually told us about six years ago when we were going through a moment of doubt and we were very nearly ready to throw the towel in on our music careers, that we had to have faith in the collateral that we were building. We didn’t know what he meant at the time, but now we understand. We’re in a good place today and feel very fortunate.

The album goes live this month – how long did it take to write and how will it make us feel?

There are tracks on the album that we started working on five years ago and then there are some we just finished six months ago. We have been releasing singles for the past five years that have been quite dance-floor focused, so it was nice to be able to put tracks on our album that showed a different side to us. We hope people feel moved when they hear the music.

When writing for other artists do you approach the process differently than when you’re writing for NERVO?

Yes, definitely. We put a lot more pressure on ourselves when we are writing for NERVO. We’re not sure why. Perhaps there is less pressure when working with other artists because in a way we have to surrender to their journey. However, with our own releases we have more control, so it becomes more of a commitment. We sweat over everything… the mix, the mastering, the writing, the video...

What was it like working with Nile Rodgers on this album?

He’s an absolute legend in our eyes. The track he features on is perfect for his type of guitar grooves and we’re thrilled to have him on the album!

What has been the most prolific moment of your career to date?

We feel like we’re constantly ‘kicking goals’. Our residencies at kick ass clubs in Las Vegas (Omnia & Hakkasan) and Ibiza (Ushuaïa); our main-stage slots at major festivals like Tomorrowland; being ranked top 15 in the DJ Mag 100 poll; a song of ours winning a Grammy; the love we get online for our radio show, music and social media; and doing what we love every single day of the year… These are all ‘pinch ourselves moments’. We work super hard and we never take days off, but it’s totally worth it when we get so much back.

It’s Ushuaïa’s 5th anniversary this year – what do you have planned for your residency this season?

We are working on the line-ups for our NERVO Nation shows in September at Ushuaïa and we are really excited to bring some super hot-talent to our parties.


Best lyric you have ever written?

‘To find the rainbow in every storm you gotta believe’.

What song makes you want to dance at the moment?

So many tunes, but we started this morning with Major Lazer & DJ Snake’s Lean On (feat MØ).

Favourite cocktail to drink in the sunshine?

Liv: In Ibiza, definitely the chilli coconut mojito at El Chiringuito, Es Cavallet.

Mim: A freezing-cold beer.

Which DJ are you most excited about seeing in Ibiza this season?

Duke Dumont - we love his music and we hardly ever get to tour with him, so it’s a real treat to hear his sets. Gorgon City - we haven’t seen them live yet but LOVE their album. And Steve Aoki - it’s always a mad fun party. We will be playing with Steve a few times this summer, so we are looking forward to seeing all the crazy kids that attend his parties!


Our cover shot of you was taken while you were in Tokyo. Which aspect of Japanese fashion inspires you the most?

So much about Japanese fashion inspires us. Just this morning we were shopping at a huge department store in Shibuya called 109. We found a bunch of quirky sunglasses that are going to be perfect for our days in Ibiza! Everything goes with Japanese fashion.

What are some of the statement items of clothing or accessories that define each of your looks?

Liv: My bowler hat never leaves me. I love it because it hides a bad-hair day!

Mim: At the moment, I’m loving chokers. We have so many of them in all types of colours. For gigs, I also love platform shoes. YRU is my current favourite brand. They give me height but don’t kill my feet!

Do you attend many of the fashion weeks that take place globally – and how important is it for you to support emerging designers?

We have been to a few fashion weeks. We love seeing what’s new on the runway and we support a bunch of upcoming designers. We are friends of the creative director of FIG&VIPER so we supported her when she showcased her new collection at the last New York Fashion week at Tokyo Runway meets New York.

Can you tell us about the fashion brands you have collaborated with?

We have collaborated with a few brands, including Franklin & Marshall and Erin Dana.





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