We celebrated the event by the pool of Ushuaïa a with all our guests

By Dan Prince and Antonio Albert, Photography by Alex Caballero and Tatiana Chausovsky July 2016 USHUAÏA Read in PDF format N10/2016

Above : Erick Morillo, Pete Tong, Eats Everything and Massimo Shadi Saab, Director of ÏU MAG


It was the night the stars came out and shone. A set of turntables, a challenge to spin back-to-back with their DJ friends, the launch of the first ÏUMAG of the summer and a thousand strong crowd of the coolest movers and shakers of Ibiza. An incredible night ensued and the sight of Morillo, Tong and Eats Everything going one-on-one for 60 glorious minutes will live long in the memories of the jubilant clubbers who couldn’t believe their eyes. Rampling versus Alfredo? The stuff of dreams. Welcome to our new series of parties... different world-class venues, superstar DJs playing classic tunes and all one on one. You want this party started right? You got it. Here, the DJs from one of the greatest spectacles in Ibiza history reveal the tunes they played and why they had to be on their



Tuesday 24 May, 7pm
We opened the doors at Ushuaïa Beach Hotel to receive our guests. We’d organised a good night for them. Our launch party was a way of interacting with our readers directly, of them getting to know us, share with everyone the magazine’s plans for the summer, along with our social networks, our website, and most of all, our app. Our new app gives you access to extra content, exclusive videos, reports and interviews and loads more.

Let’s tell you what it was like...
We wanted to do something in style, a powerful event that would attract attention and let the guests have a good time. That’s why we invited 20 DJs to the event to do an extreme session, where each one could choose three tracks that would not stop us from getting out onto the improvised dancefloor next to the pool. Seeing them up there DJing, taking turns in the box and sharing the session was a great show. Those who were still standing at the end could feel the good vibes coming from the DJs. ÏUMAG’s Dan Prince was chatting with all of them and asked them to explain what had led them to choose their respective tracks for the party. You can read what they told us, from superstar DJ / producer Eric Morillo to our cover star Chelina Muhuhutu. You will remember that in the first edition of this summer we discovered the secrets of the great cocktail waiters of Ibiza. Well, they joined this party to prepare a series of delicious exclusive just for us: the Coladíssima by Ángel Salazar (Atzaró Beach Club), the Copper Elyx by Marco Angelicchio (Ocean Beach Club), the Mezcal Josh by Salva Martín Millán (KM5), the Sprint Jax by Emilio Jiménez (Ushuaïa Beach Club) and the Ahola Ibiza by JoseFran Martins Silva (Hard Rock Hotel). Our collaborators InMediaStudio, who developed our new app, brought along some gadgets and goodies – including virtual reality and VR glasses – and showed us how easy it is to use the app. You download the app, scan the photos that appear in the magazine with the logo and off you go! Other entertainment came from Ibiza Photobooth, who installed some booths so the partygoers could immortalise themselves with their funniest faces. On their way out guests were given original bags made from recycled plastic by Art on Canvas, created by Rolf Leenders using club posters and filled with gifts from our sponsors. This month we celebrate our ‘sex party’ in Hard Rock Hotel. Hope we’ll see you in our incredible sport event in in august.


Erick Morillo

Incognito – ‘Givin’ It Up’ “One of my favourite vocal records back in the ‘90s and it always brings me back to my early days at Ministry of Sound and Ibiza. I just had to play this.”

Masters At Work feat India – ‹To Be In Love› “I played that track because India has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard in house music and MAW are my idols. When I was coming up as a young DJ / producer this was one of the records that inspired me a lot.”

Eats Everything

Sandy Rivera – ‘Can’t Stop’ “Just a killer record from the late ‘90s that kind of proceeded the funky house movement. Sandy is one of the best in the business.”

Escrima – ‘Train Of Thought’ “A massive record from the mid ‘90s. It reminds me of my earliest raving days.”

Kingsize Funk – ‘Release The Pressure’ “This track isn’t so well known – it was on Roger Sanchez’s seminal Mixmag cover CD years ago but still sounds mint.”

Pete Tong

Arnold Jarvis – ‘Lost In Love’ “Taken from the soundtrack of the ‘Eden’ movie – just a wonderful piece of music. Phil

Weeks – ‘Inside That Counts’ (Eats Reboot) “Loving the Eats Everything’s rework of a modern classic.”

Darius Syrossian

Double Trouble & Rebel MC – ‘Street Tuff’ (Scar Mix) “When I first got my decks in 1994 this was one of the first vinyls that I ever bought and every time I used to come to Ibiza it would always randomly come on at an after-party somewhere. Such a feelgood track and it was the first track I put on at Ushuaïa and the vibe lifted even higher.”

Prince – ‘Erotic City’ “An all-time classic that I have finished my sets with many times in Ibiza. It always makes the place feel great and people leave with a big smile on their face. One of the best ever Prince tracks for me.”

Orbital – ‘Chime’ “Probably the most obvious classic to drop, but it was night time, lots of people happy on the dancefloor, early season and a very positive energy in the air. It had to be played.”

The Mambo Brothers Night Writers – ‘Let The Music (Use You)’ “A Chicago house classic. Sexy, vocally with an amazing vibe! We still love playing it in the main dancefloors in Ibiza.”

Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham – ‘Sandcastles’ “From our of our all-time favourite producers ever, this is one of the best twilight tracks ever made.”

DJ Rolando – ‘Jaguar’ “Everyone who has partied through ‘til dawn in Ibiza will understand why we played this at the party.”

Danny Howard

Fish Go Deep – ‘The Cure & The Cause’ (Dennis Ferrer Remix) “One of my favourite all-time classic house tracks. Reminds me of good times at university but also just sounds like the perfect summer soundtrack.”

Cajmere feat Dajae – ‘Brighter Days’ “Cajmere is one of the original pioneers in electronic music and I love the oldskool diva sound of this record. As our set was early on in the day, I thought this sounded like a good one to start getting the party moving!”

Cassius – ‘99’ (Tim Green Remix) “This tune is so feelgood that I still reach for it sometimes in my normal sets. As this was a classicsdedicated event, I had no excuse not to give this a spin. I love it!”

DJ Alfredo & Jaime Fiorito

Inner City – ‘Big Fun’ (Full Version) Tullio De Piscopo – ‘Primavera’ (Stop Bajon) Young MC – ‘Bust A Move’ “These three tracks are fundamental and come from the time when I played in Amnesia.”

Francisco Allendes

Blake Baxter – ‘Our Luv’ “It was my first time playing for Cocoon afterhours in the old Ushuaïa and my set that was supposed to be just one hour became longer and longer because another DJ had been delayed. I ended up playing for six hours and somewhere around the fourth hour of the set I dropped this tune to shake the mood a bit. People went absolutely nuts when the voice kicked in – I will never forget it.”

Donna Giles – ‘And I´m Telling You I´m Not Going’ “I didn´t discover this track – a friend gave it to me – and I am thankful to him for this because although it’s a classic, I played it all throughout the summer of 2011. ”

Inland Knights – ‘Long Time’ “On New Year’s Eve 2010 I got the chance to play at Underground in Ibiza and everybody knows that this is the best party you will find in Ibiza on 31 December! It was also my first time playing there and I was quite nervous to play in this legendary venue. The club was full when I started playing so I selected this track as the first to play.”


Chez Damier – ‘Can You Feel It’ (New York Dub) “One of my favourite tracks of all time and something I always play in my sets. One of the first times I heard this record played out was back in 2010 at Space.”

Chris Mack – ‘Set It Off’ “Such a groove on this record, has so much soul to it and is exactly what I love about house music.”

Pete Heller – ‘Big Love’ “This record is a personal favourite and something my mum first played to me when I was a kid. She used to tell me about Ibiza and how special a place it was for music – so it felt right that I played this record at the party.”

Igor Marijuan

Moloko – ‘Forever More’ (Francois K Vocal Mix) “This is a classic vocal track that I play many times in special situations with friends and family. Me and my wife Cristina’s friend Lorena went to Delta Discos and bought all vinyl copies to give to her DJ friends – then when she asked us to play the record we couldn´t say no!”

Dubtribe Sounds System – ‘Do It Now’ “My friend Ernesto Altés gave me this record for the first time and is one of the tracks that will live with us forever.”

Maceo Plex – ‘Can’t Leave You’ “The early days of Maceo Plex when he brought the funk basslines into electronic music. This was the first track that I listened from him and we played it a lot everywhere that summer. I had to play it.”

Graham Sahara

Quentin Harris – ‘Let’s Be Young’ (Julien Jabre Mix) “It’s such a house classic and something that I still play now.”

Paul Johnson – ‘Get Get Down’ (Original Mix) “Another classic that played endlessly at Bora Bora back in 1999; in fact so much that the groove of my vinyl copy got full of sand and it sounds woeful now! Thank goodness for digital re-mastering!”

Agora – ‘Montoya’ (Original Mix) “AZ Record and Funky Room classic that I’ve played so many times. It’s such a Balearic track and sounds equally great at night or in the daytime. I’d put this one up with ‘The Whistle Song’ in classic terms.”

Danny Rampling

Inner City – ‘Good Life’ (Carl Craig Latin Remix) “This remix is a Latin house version that stays true to the original and enhances the track with summer vibes.”

D Mob – ‘We Call it Acieed’ (David Morales 2015 Rework) “A tribute to the roots of acid house reworked and updated by David Morales. The 303 acid sound is back at the forefront of the electronic music scene.”

Kenny Jammin Jason – ‘Can You Dance’ “This was my tribute to DJ Alfredo who I first heard play the track at Amnesia in 1987. We were young kids dancing all night long in the open air with a cosmopolitan crowd of smiling people.”

Andy Baxter

Daft Punk – ‘Burning’ “An absolute monster of a track that has been a staple part of my playlist for many, many years.”

DJ Sneak – ‘You Can’t Hide From Your Bud’ “Another disco stomper with endless builds. Guaranteed to bring any floor to a frenzy.

Jon Cutler feat E Man – ‘It’s Yours’ “One of the timeless soulful classic house tunes of all time – I have got so much love for this track it runs very deep.”

Anna Tur

Darlyn Vyls & Forrest – ‘Everything We Had’ Claptone – ‘In The Dark’ Michael Jackson – ‘Bad’ (Joshua Puerta Private Edit) “Because everything we have on this magical island makes you be happy and also gives you the possibility to be a ‘bit bad’ in the dark. That’s Ibiza.”

Sebastian Gamboa

The Braxtons – ‘The Boss’ (MAW Remix) “One of the most important songs of all time for me.”

Jamiroquai – ‘Space Cowboy’ (David Morales Mix) “It is one of the songs I’ve had in my life more than most and summarises what a summer in Ibiza is all about.”

Sebastian Gamboa – ‘Muévelo’ “It’s probably my most famous track and also why many people know me. What a song.”

Mick Wilson

Roger Sanchez – ‘Another Chance’ “This track has Ibiza summer anthem written all over it and always brings a smile to my face. It reminds me of pool party sessions, sunsets, peak-time floorfillers and especially of Mr Sanchez DJing at Pacha.”

Gusto – ‘Disco’s Revenge’ (Mole Hole Dirty Mix) “Just can’t have a classics party without this one. A true Ibiza and clubbing anthem which brings back memories of all those times dancing in the open air, in a club, on the dancefloor, the sun coming up, not wanting to stop and keeping the party alive. Disco sure got its revenge with this one.”

Joe Smooth – ‘Promised Land’ (Club Remix) “The lyrics are so poignant, there is a lot of trouble in the world and this track just portrays a message of togetherness, hope and a brighter future. ”


Chus & Ceballos & Adrian Hour – ‘Beat Pirates’ “I was meaning to play ‘Papua New Guinea’ by Future Sound of London as it’s one of my favourite tracks that is just so epic and has a special place in my heart as it was being played out when I first started clubbing in the ‘90’s – but it had mysteriously disappeared from my playlist! So instead I chose at the last minute and, being in Spain, chose this track which was released on Toolroom Records just last year.”

Turntable Orchestra – ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone’ (The Simple Bass Edit) ‘I played this in the early evening and it worked perfectly with the vibe at Ushuaïa at that time. Classic late ‘80s house track that has got all the elements. A tough and funky vocal, great piano riff, super catchy melody, bouncy baseline, and it really stays in your head for a long time after. It’s so good, and you don’t really hear it out that often either, like some of the other classic house tracks played to death.







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