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by Dan Prince June 2016 SPECIAL FEATURES Read in PDF format N9/2016
SUPER BAR DJ The biggest DJs in the world reveal what they drink, what happens when they get wasted and that dreaded morning after


The best 24 hours you’ve ever had drinking in Ibiza?

Holy moly. Once, Deorro and I flew in on a jet and one hour later we were drinking at some cool ‘80s retro night. We ended up with the Nervo twins, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike and Vinai at their show at Amnesia, then crammed into one small car together and listened to techno till nine in the morning at Space. It was epic.

Your favourite bar in Ibiza?

Café Mambo. It’s such a beautiful vibe and the sunset is amazing. I love playing there. The greatest rider you ever had signed off? Oh man. I got my full rider on some of the stops on the tour with Borgore and Jauz I did last year. Blow-up dolls, water guns, a picture of Tiësto. It was inspiring to DJ with a picture of Tiësto next to me on the DJ booth. I think I played the best sets ever those nights! 


The craziest thing you have ever seen a drunk clubber do?

Breakdancing on the floor like crazy with everybody dancing around him. When he finished dancing he started to vomit up like a fountain, quickly scooped it up, swallowed it and then collapsed.

The most unusual place you have woken up in after a really heavy night partying?

In an escort girl’s house with her sleeping by my side. You can imagine the cost of sleeping there for seven hours.

Your funniest DJing-while-drunk story?

I used a Chupa Chups metal box as a drum and my headphones as a microphone and played the ‘drums’ during my whole set! It was an amazing night.


A DJ pal you always get drunk with?

Skream – avoid him at all costs.

The best club hospitality ever?

Radio 1 at Ushuaïa. Unreal.

Your usual DJ rider?

Vodka, ice for drinks, ice for cooling, sparking water, nice champagne, clean socks (just to make sure they are reading it).

The most unusual place I have woken up after a heavy night?

In Seth Troxler’s room with Skream (I warned you). 


The worst hangover ever?

Luke: Radio 1 Big Weekend 2014 at Ushuaïa.

Nathan: We Are FSTVL – all because of MK.

The best 24 hours in Ibiza?

DJing at Pacha then straight to Italy to do a show with no sleep.

Favourite bar in Ibiza?

The mini bar in our hotel room.

Best hangover cure in the world?

Drinking, bacon and Advil. 


The worst hangover ever?

A recent night in Hollywood. Wine at dinner, bumped into DJ friends and then onto the club Lure when the shots came out. I actually cried the next day as I was at a next-level hangover.

Your best ever rider?

A festival in Mexico gave me gourmet chicken dinners, tacos, vodka, tequila, coconut water, big dip plates, cheese platters and, best of all, a popcorn machine!

A DJ you are scared to go drinking with?

Tommy Trash. We are really bad for each other. 


Your favourite drink?

I like to drink vodka but then again if I’m playing catch up, then it’s a Naught to Sixty. But I just recently tried some honey tequila.

Funniest DJing-while-drunk story?

Miami WMC 1999. Rewinding every tune about 100 times.

Your funniest DJ rider request?

A fire eater.

Best hangover cure in the world?

The new lick is coconut water with two Berocca and a dash of Tabasco. Or if you’re DJ Krust, cayenne pepper with lemon. 


Worst ever hangover?

Taking on Avicii on stage at Ushuaïa. I almost won.

The most unusual place you’ve woken up in after a session?

During Stereo Sonic in Melbourne. I did make it up to my hotel room but opening the door was an impossible task. So I gave up and slept in the hallway. I’m not usually the quitting type but vodka makes you do stuff.

Favourite drink?

Gin, tonic, elderflower syrup and cucumber. Love it.

The best 24 hours in Ibiza?

When I played at Ushuaïa last year with Armin van Buuren. All my closest friends flew in and we had the best time ever. 


A DJ friend you always get a hangover with?

A little while ago in Spain with Axwell. We were so twisted on Jager…

Your drink of choice?

Jameson on the rocks, baby.

The best hangover cure?

Vitamin water – the purple one by 50 Cent. It is amazing. 


Your first ever hangover?

I was 16 and doing a student exchange in Germany. It was carnival and beer and schnapps were everywhere. The next day I thought I was dead.

The best spot for a sunset drink in Ibiza?

The Cotton Club is beautiful.

The best hangover cure in the world?

Leche de Tigre, from Peru. Drain off the liquid from a ceviche. It can wake the dead. I wish I’d known about it in Germany.


Can you remember your first and worst hangover?

I was 15 years old and I drunk half bottle of vodka behind my parents’ backs. I became totally drunk, couldn’t even walk – my mother was so desperate. It was chaos – I was in bed for two whole days.

A DJ friend of yours who is always dangerous to go out with?

Wehbba – he always wants to go out and drink never wants to go home. He is a machine!

Ushuaïa want to create a cocktail in your honour – what shall we call it?



A DJ friend you are scared to party with?

It’s me. I’m the one who knocks.

The worst hangover you have ever had?

One time in Calgary, the morning after playing HiFi, I projectile-vomited out of the car window on the way to the airport.

Your best 24 hours in Ibiza?

After playing Pacha I went out partying with Aoki and we ended up on a beach doing an impromptu photoshoot with Datsik – totally drunk – and tried to do an ‘Aoki Jump’ but failed miserably.

Best ever hangover cure?

It’s called a ‘Caesar’ and is the holy grail of cures. But it’s a double-edged sword as it’s loaded with vodka. You put pickled green bean, a pepperoni stick, bacon and whatever else you can stuff into the glass… 


The drunkest clubber you have ever seen while DJing?

Some guy did a shit (a proper log) on the dancefloor in Bristol once.

The club with the best hospitality?

Bob Beaman in Munich. They take you into the back room of this little Italian restaurant to drink – it’s like being in Goodfellas.

What DJ always gets you drunk?


Your usual DJ rider?

Vodka, lime, soda and a dildo. 


A DJ friend of yours who is always dangerous to go out with?

Sarah Main! By the end of the night we swap accents, she speaks in an Essex accent and I end up Australian.

Your best 24 hours in Ibiza partying?

Solomun at Pacha when I was resident DJ there last year, followed by a secret after-party at his villa. Watching the sun rise in such a beautiful setting, looking at the ocean while he was played to an intimate crowd.

Ushuaïa want to create a cocktail in your honour – what shall we call it?

The Mad Max. 


The most drunk clubber you’ve ever seen?

We saw a guy poo his pants – he was in a really bad way. The smell even came into the DJ booth. I also saw two guys having sex at an after-hours club and then there was a guy riding inside a shopping trolley at a festival. How did he get in?

Your favourite drink when we party?

Grey Goose – it’s pretty clean and smooth. If things get rough then tequila is the way to go, preferably Patron – Don Julio reposado 1942


Favourite bar in Ibiza

Experimental Beach at Cap des Falco in Ibiza. We love the sunset and the cocktails.

Always on your rider?

If in Ibiza, you’ve got to have hierbas, Jack Daniel’s, Champagne and gin.

Best ever 24 hours in Ibiza?

When we played at Ushuaïa for Andy’s birthday, we had a big after-party at our villa with all our friends and family and our favourite party person – Robin Schulz. 


A DJ friend you are always a little scared to go out drinking with?

Ante Perry – I’m shitting my pants when I have to play with him. He is also called ‘Mr Tequila’.

Worst ever hangover?

After a three-hour back-to-back set where after every record we did a shot of Jägermeister. I was ruined for two days.

Favourite bar in Ibiza?

KM5. Still a classy place that I have loved ever since my first visit. 


Your worst pissed-whileDJing story?

In Russia before the gig James tried to match the promoter’s 16-year-old son vodka for vodka. He couldn’t stand up, never mind DJ, and spent the entire set passed out and drooling on the floor.

A DJ who is good to get drunk with?

The Nervo girls like a good drink. We had a good piss-up with Liv on a cruise ship in the Bahamas once. What started as a quiet dinner ended up with us MCing, a ridiculous amount of Jack Daniel’s consumed, no sleep and the most painful long haul flight home ever. 


The most unusual place you have ever woken up in after a session?

Every morning feels like a weird place as I usually wake up in a strange hotel somewhere, wondering where the hell I am. So my usual technique is to look at the hotel phone and hopefully there’s an address on there. One time I wandered through a door I thought was a bathroom with my eyes closed to shield me from the light. As the door clicked shut behind me I realised that it was actually the corridor of the hotel and of course I had no clothes on which was excellent news when added to the fact that I hadn’t yet checked the phone so I also didn’t know which country I was in either. Sweet. 


Worst ever hangover?

After Creamfields. It was cold, raining and the car got stuck in the mud. We had to push it out, I fell over and was sick everywhere. We finally reached a service station where I sat in the toilet and just cried.

Favourite drink?

A fishbowl-sized glass of Hendrick’s gin, tonic, fresh cucumber and peppercorns.

Have you ever DJed drunk?

Just the once. I mixed in a new track which was the same one that was playing, was completely baffled and thought for a moment that the tune had magically doubled in time. 


What do you order at the bar?


A DJ friend you always get a hangover with?

Bones from Do Not Sleep. We can be checking out of a hotel the morning after with no sleep and he’ll still be trying to order margaritas on room service.

Best hangover cure in the world?

Before going to sleep eat one banana (for energy when you wake up), swallow one zinc tablet (repairs your body when you are asleep) and drink coconut water (rehydrates better than water). This shit works 100%. 


Most outrageous item you’ve ever put on your rider?

I used to ask for a baby elephant. I dunno why but I thought it would have been cool to just be in the backstage chillin’ with a baby elephant and drinking a mimosa.

The perfect bar crawl friends?

Snoop Dog and Gary Coleman.

Your first ever hangover?

I was 15 and I went to a club in Tijuana, Mexico. I got super active on alcoholic beverages, got home at 5am and passed out. At 7am my dad blasted the Beatles on the stereo at full blast. That’s why I hate the Beatles I suppose. 






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